The aliens are watching ISS

Last week, the astronauts Thomas Sands and Robert Kimbro made a spacewalk to install on the outside of the ISS, a new lithium-ion batteries. On the helmet Thomas Sands was assigned to the camera. ESA posted a video featuring footage of the material and then it is visible enough big UFO that flies around the station and oversees the work of the astronauts.

It is not space debris, and the controlled apparatus. This is clearly seen in the video where I made an increase of UFO, which appears on the right side, then flies slightly to the left, and then maneuvers down.

As You know, space debris is not controllable and flies in a straight path, and the object performs intelligent maneuvers, which suggests that they controlled it to fly around the station and observing her and the work of astronauts during the exit beyond.

Please note that the UFO is moving very fast and then abruptly slows down and lays a stunning turn when they go on a different direction! This is a UFO, pilot operated or remotely, maybe it’s the drone of an extraterrestrial civilization.


Original video

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It looks like light reflecting off of a piece of space dust. I know this because I never get laid.

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