The astronomer recorded star wars in the Saturn area

The amateur astronomer DiversityJ recorded on video the strange events that occurred on the evening of October 26, 2017 during the observation of Saturn.

The almost transparent UFO flew at high speed, from the viewpoint of the observer, it flew directly over the surface of Saturn, causing a distortion of Saturn’s light.

A bright UFO fired a shot during which another UFO with an orange glow was illuminated, and then after the UFO passed Saturn another explosion of light occurred and a third object became visible, the dimensions of which exceeded the dimensions of Saturn.

All these events occurred in just 2 seconds.


7:32 pm, Thursday 26 October 2017, NE Ohio, 42 ° F – SW Sky.

Nikon P900 with 83x optical zoom and 166x dynamic thin digital zoom super telephoto lens Nikkor: -Homemade solar filter using Thousand Oaks optical film solar filter. Manual focus, 1/10 speed shutter, aperture 6.3, ISO 100-400, AE-L (auto exposure is locked).

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