The Bermuda Triangle in Alaska

Independent researchers prove that there are many mysterious zones on the Earth, in which, like in the famous Bermuda Triangle, people and technology, say planes, disappear without leaving a trace. And one of these places can be called the Alaska Triangle near the city of Anchorage – the area of โ€‹โ€‹the 49th US state, famous not only for the harsh climate, but also for mysterious disappearances of people, both tourists and local residents.

The first recorded case of such a plan is the loss of an Alaska-Texas flight with 44 passengers on board in 1950. The airplane simply disappeared – no traces from it have been found so far. A little later, a private jet with four passengers disappeared into nonexistence …

All this could be attributed to the coincidence, the harsh climate and the deserted nature of this region, for which reason it is very problematic to find the broken equipment here. But that’s what amazes and even horrifies: since then, more than 16,000 people have disappeared without a trace in the Alaskan Triangle. And no other person is found … Representatives of the local tribe of the Tlingit Indians say that this place is a conglomeration of evil spirits who abduct people and equipment that disturb their peace.

Conspiracy theorists have their own theory on this matter. They believe that an ancient pyramid of enormous size is hidden in Alaska, which they call black, capable of using the power of the whole Earth. Former military Bruce L. Pierson argues that the US authorities have long been trying to seize the secret of the black pyramid and that he himself, as an expert, participated in this project and therefore can say with confidence that the construction of not our civilization was created many thousands of years ago.

There were other witnesses of this secret military zone, whose goal is to unravel the secret of the gloomy pyramid and use it. It is possible that people and technology are lost here, as they are voluntarily or unwittingly interfering with the military. But this is only a version, and the official US authorities in every possible way disavow it, the more difficult it is to assume that the study of that ancient pyramid began by the American military in the middle of the last century and this, in general, so little information …

There is also an official explanation of the scientists for the strange disappearance of people in the Alaska Triangle. Naturally, academicians reduce everything to geopathogenic zones, extreme electromagnetic currents, and so on, for which the Bermuda Triangle and a number of other mysterious places have been “awarded” for a long time. However, such theories are too far-fetched, since they can not explain the fantastic disappearances of people, aircraft and other equipment, which simply does not fit into our physical laws.

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