The corpse of a strange animal frightened the residents of Sakhalin

Strange hairy animal of large size and with a beak nose washed up on the coast near the village of Ilyinsky on Sakhalin. After the publication of photos, there were many versions about the origin of the animal, but scientists have put an end to disputes, saying that it was the remains of a normal Dolphin.

It is the skeleton of a Dolphin. Definitely. This is indicated by the beak. Nothing unusual in that, since dolphins and whales are thrown ashore periodically, including on Sakhalin. Last year there were a couple of occasions. This year it is the first case for me personally. At least one of the photos is no longer sent. By the way, in the area is the Il’insk – beaching dolphins and whales often than in other places. Dolphin has almost disintegrated, so it’s hard now it’s so fast to determine, but judging by the beak, the head and ribs, nothing unusual, — said the Deputy head of the forecasting Department state University SakhNIRO Nikolay Kim.

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