The corpse of an unknown animal found on the banks of the Volga

The unusual animal corpse found on the banks of the Volga, opposite the Plyos. Here’s what he said Sergei, who discovered a strange beast:

The first time I went there a few weeks ago. There was a lot of alder, I picked it up for Smoking fish. To me the people there haven’t walked the path I had to pave their own. During his second visit found the body of the animal. No I am a hunter, nor my comrades-in fascination with many years of experience and are unable to determine what this wonderful animal. There is something of a weasel, but the ears are large and bent back. The front legs are very powerful, with claws. The back is also strong, but without the claws. And the little ferret feet. Smooth. And tail with short hair. The Chupacabra or something.


Plyos is a town in the Russian part of the Volga region in the North of Ivanovo region. Located on the hills of the right Bank of the Volga, at the mouth of the river Shohonka, 18 km from the Volga and 71 km from Kostroma. The highest point of the town is 54 meters above the level of R.

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