The girl from Taiwan has abnormally long toes

A woman from Taiwan posted a photo of his abnormally long toes, which at first glance could be mistaken for fingers.

The girl who wished not to disclose his identity, said that she is a student at a Taiwanese University. The photo she published in the community of the educational institution in Dcard, signing that her fingers are so long that no one can compare with them.

She added that the longest finger on her foot is about five inches in length. He looks so huge because of the disproportionate growth in the women — only 151 cm.

A student complained that her fingers always attract attention and serve as a pretext for offensive jokes. She had to hear in his review that she “did not evolve until the end”, and get offers to climb a tree with the help of her “four hands”.

In the comments to the pictures users have tried to support the girl and wrote that her fingers look great. Some confirmed that they really are unable at first glance to determine what part of the body depicted in the picture.

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