The head of the secret service recognized the existence of a UFO

Luis Elizondo led the secret service of the US Department of Defense to investigate a UFO. The program “Extended Aviation Threat Identification Program” (AATIP) has been in operation since 2007.

The US Congress spent $ 22 million on it, the British edition of The Telegraph reports. Elizondo said that there is evidence of the existence of high-tech aircraft. These aircraft use technology that no nation on Earth has.

“I think it’s pretty clear that it’s not us and not someone else, so we have to guess where they come from,” says Elizondo. The Pentagon staff investigated many UFOs and their witnesses. Elizondo and his team discovered geographic “hot spots”, sometimes near nuclear installations and power plants, and determined the general features of the movement of unidentified objects.

“It was enough to see the trends and similarities in the episodes … We observed clear facts: extreme maneuverability, supersonic speed without a sound boom, a speed of 7-8 thousand miles per hour (11-13 thousand km / h), the absence of flight surfaces on the objects. Many facts are corroborated by radar signal data, frames from airplane cameras, several witnesses …

They never showed hostility, but maneuvered like no other in the world. You must realize that something can happen. ” In December 2017, the existence of a secret Pentagon program was revealed, and US Navy commander David Fravor told about a meeting with a UFO in 2004. Then he led a detachment of US Navy fighters and carried out maneuvers on the F / A-18 Hornet fighter.

Near the coast of San Diego, the commander saw an object that was “something not from the Earth.” It looked like a “white Tic Tac, about 40 feet long, without wings,” which “just hung over the water.” Fravor knew that they would laugh at him, but decided to publicly tell about the meeting of UFOs. The pilot hopes that the incident will be thoroughly studied, and this will be beneficial.

“I was not drunk, I did not use drugs. I had a good rest, there was a clear day … This is a revolutionary technology that allows you to accelerate, fly up and down. Think about the benefits that it will bring to humanity … What if people actually start to think outside the box. ”

Luis Elizondo considers Fravor a “national hero”. “Prejudices about UFOs are very strong, it’s very difficult. There are many other Fravor commanders who came to us, but he is brave enough to tell his experience publicly. ” Luis Elizondo resigned in October 2017. He supports the program, but was disappointed in the excessive classification of it.

After the resignation, Elizondo wrote a letter to Jim Mattis, the defense minister of President Donald Trump. The scout asked: “Why do not we spend more time and energy on this problem? It is still vital to establish their intentions … “. “We want NASA to find life on different planets, but we have high-quality pilots here who see what they can not understand,” said Elizondo The Telegraph.

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