The hedgehog has no needles

Nelson the hedgehog, which has no needles. Nelson lives in reserve foxy Lodge in the UK. This little guy is very shy and feels very vulnerable, and therefore in dire need of protection and care to survive. Without needles the hedgehog is difficult to survive in the wild – it becomes easy prey for any predator. And because Nelson was very lucky that not only protect from hungry animals, but it and the food is tasty and, moreover, he massage.

“Most likely, we will never know why Nelson’s no needles and even body hair, says Tonya garner, managing the reserve. For us, it’s a mystery. But to get to that age, he would have to be needles, but besides that the hedgehog is completely bald, he has nothing to complain about – his health is excellent.”

Volunteers in the reserve build up their guesses. May, Nelson lost all their needles due to stress, maybe it was something serious, and all the needles fell forever. Some of the volunteers believe that if the hedgehog massage, then the needles will grow again, and so every day of Nelson wait a few minutes of wonderful massage oils. Hedgehog these procedures clearly like, but the visible results they bring. “We had a couple of animals and, most of the needles – says Tonya. But Nelson is a completely different case. He had no needles, hair, or even trimming there. For us it is a real mystery.”

Most likely, Nelson will leave in reserve for the rest of his life. On the other hand, he did not complain at that – the food is, the attention is, worries a lot, and even massage daily and that is! And because Nelson no needles, he became a local celebrity, and now the affection he’s definitely no shortage. This animal is loved by everyone.

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