The inhabitants of New Hampshire were frightened by the appearance of a sea monster

In the networks there was a message published by the frightened inhabitants of the state of New Hampshire in the US, who noticed an unknown mystical creature in a local lake under water. Eyewitnesses, who witnessed the appearance of the object, are sure that they saw the real sea monster.

According to the latest information, in August of this year, an unknown marine creature sailed close to the shore of New Hampshire. Eyewitnesses said that there was a mystic monster at a depth, but his movements could be seen by the formation of large circles on the surface of the lake. Witnesses published a video on YouTube, asking them to understand the Internet users they saw.

Already there are comments in which users have suggested the fall of a real flying saucer, a representative of a UFO. At the same time, there are statements that there is a monster here that frightens people. According to the skeptics, a simple large fish floating past passed through the video.

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