The ISS flew past the UFO at a huge speed

Since the installation of the cameras on the ISS, what is happening on Earth’s orbit in real time has been the appearance of a multitude of UFOs.

These objects have a diverse form, some generally resemble living things and move like jellyfish in the ocean, others have a spherical shape and show increased interest in the International Space Station, yet others do not pay attention to it and simply enter the atmosphere of our planet for subsequent landing and subsequent take-off, which is also often fixed cameras installed on the ISS.

In this video, we see an object that, at a tremendous speed, sweeps along the Earth’s orbit at about the same altitude as the ISS is flying. The speed of the object is so huge that the probability that this is one of the satellites is simply excluded.

Imagine what kind of overload should this aircraft use, and after all, all UFOs show such incredible capabilities for terrestrial aircraft that speaks of completely incomparable capabilities of terrestrial and extraterrestrial technologies.

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