The Ministry of defence of Spain has published the reports about UFOs

The Spanish Ministry of defense decided to publish on the Internet 80 declassified reports a total volume of 1,900 pages about the facts of UFO sightings throughout Spain.

Each of these reports includes information about the date and place of the meeting with unidentified flying object, description of events, eyewitness accounts, photos or video, if available, the conclusions and recommendations in order to make this event public or keep it secret.

The events described in these “X-files” are limited to the time period from 1962 to 1995. The first of these cases occurred in the town of San Javier (Murcia), last — in Moron (Seville), although the record for the number appearing in the sky flying saucers is Catalonia. In the authority there were 25 episodes of sudden appearance and disappearance of strange objects moving in the air, whereas in the Autonomous community of Madrid such incidents have taken place 21 times.

Next, in a kind of “rating” of UFO visits to Spanish territory followed by Andalusia (15), Valencia community (14), Castille-and-león, Galicia and Extremadura (9 times). The only autonomy that the mysterious objects all this time flew the party was Cantabria.

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