The mysterious plane off the coast of California

The zone between the western coast of the USA and the island of Santa Catalina is known for the appearance of a large number of UFOs over the ocean, which even led to the assumption that the underwater base of the aliens is hidden on the ocean floor.

In a photo of Google Earth that was made in this area on September 7, 2016, an unknown unidentified aircraft without numbers, inscriptions or colors belonging to an airline is clearly visible and it flies at a low altitude above the ocean between the western coast of the United States and the island of Santa Catalina.

In addition to the unusually low altitude of flight and the absence of any identification marks, under this plane you can see a strange bright glow on the surface of the water.

The aircraft’s dimensions are 33 meters long with a wing span of 35 meters. The most suitable is the Boeing airplane, but if it is the same length, for example Boeing-737 is 33.4 meters long, then the wingspan does not converge, since the wingspan of the Boeing is 28.8 meters.

It’s unclear what kind of plane it is, who owns it, why it flies over the ocean and why it casts a strange light underneath. Is it an airplane or a UFO masquerading as a military vehicle or an unmanned aerial vehicle scanning the bottom of the ocean in search of an alien base?

Coordinates: 33 ° 34’45.23 “N 118 ° 8’16.89” W

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