The mystery of Crop Circles: Who really leaves mysterious pictographs in the margins

A new drawing on the field was discovered on July 25, 2023 in the English county of Hampshire. Many people are skeptical about this phenomenon and claim that they are created by some unknown “jokers” with ropes and boards, but the phenomenon appeared not yesterday, but much earlier. Drawings on the margins have always appeared and up to our time even reached reports about them, but earlier they were attributed exclusively to the pranks of the “devil’s forces”. The main thing is that “crop circles” accompany mankind throughout its history, no matter how long it was not, so that jokers with boards here clearly has nothing to do.

Drawings on the fields have appeared before, but it should be taken into account that at that time there was no aviation and certainly no drones, so it was not easy to detect these “messages”. In the modern era, they were first noticed in 1982 when three mysterious circles with lodged ears inside were found in a grain field in the English county of Wiltshire. This was the beginning of the study of the phenomenon, which was called “English circles”. As time went on, the number and complexity of these circles only increased, raising more and more questions and theories about their origin.

Ufologists initially assumed that the English circles are traces of landings of flying saucers. And the places where the drawings appeared were not limited to England alone. “Crop circles” appear all over the world. Scientists who were interested in this phenomenon, separated into a separate group of cereologists, named so in honor of the Roman goddess of agriculture Ceres.

Despite many studies and observations, scientists have not been able to offer an unambiguous explanation of the origin of the “English circles”. However, they have discovered some anomalies associated with this phenomenon. For example, compass arrows inside the circles point in the wrong direction or rotate randomly. Sound recording equipment records strange sounds like pulsing and buzzing. There is a glow in the atmosphere and traces of radioactive isotopes in the soil.

In addition to these anomalies, other unusual phenomena have been observed. Film cameras used to take pictures inside the circles showed colored streaks on the film, and images were double. Movie cameras and tape recorders turned off inside the circle but started working again outside the circle.

People inside the circles experienced headaches, nausea, dizziness, and seizures. Some felt unusual emotions or euphoria. There have been cases of explorers being thrown out of the circle by an unknown force. Vine walkers have also noted changes in the location of the circles even after the field has been completely cleared.

The year 2023 marks 41 years since the first “crop circles” were discovered in modern times, or more accurately, since they were actually noticed by the media and scientists, but until now the phenomenon remains a mystery.

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