The mystery of “crop Circles”

It seems there is no one person who has not heard about the mysterious circles that appear from time to time on the sidelines in a variety of countries. Patterns appear overnight, they are of different sizes and they are United only by the incredible geometrical accuracy.

Patterns are obtained due to the fact that in certain areas the grasses withered intricate manner, sometimes twisting into something like dreadlocks. If we discard the version of the hoax that scientists still can’t explain the origin of the mysterious circles in the fields. More than on the earth’s surface appears circles, the more there is a dispute, but “things are there”. Unfortunately, the scientific theories explaining this phenomenon doesn’t exist.

The patterns in the fields geometrically correct, in some encrypted a variety of complex theorems. Spikes are twisted into a spiral, which uses the same logarithmic proportions as in the Fibonacci numbers or proportions of “Golden section”. The “bottom” of the figure can have up to five layers, and wheat in each layer twisted to the direction opposite to the previous. Each spike in them lies neatly next to the other. In the center of the circle ears are a clever way to intertwine, and often at the center may be only one erect ear or untouched bunch of ears. The circles can be “scanned” with the vines for next year, when the field is again plowed. The diameter of the circles sometimes reach 300 m.

Write about this phenomenon a lot, especially trying all sorts of sites devoted to anomalous phenomena, UFOs and other fashionable topics. What is more interesting is the sites that really laid out a reasonable and real information, or closed, or does not have free access. I wonder why?.. Maybe the mystery of the mysterious emergence of patterns actually is beyond our understanding? Let’s try to understand.

Crop circles began to surprise many, starting with their alleged first appearance in the 70-ies of XX century not far from Stonehenge. And now they are mostly found in Wiltshire, close to Stonehenge. First laps in the cereals attracted the attention of serious researchers in August 1980 On the oatmeal box, farmer John Skalla in Wiltshire there are three circle with sharply defined edges with a diameter of about 18 m each. Inside each geometric shape flattened stalks of oats formed a spiral in the direction from the center. Damaged stems were few. Soil analysis showed nothing unusual, but the Geiger counter is not noted anomalous radiation.

More than 10200 “crop circles” appeared in the last third of the twentieth century, and more than 90% of them were located in southern England. According to the study, about 50% of all circles found in the UK in 2003, located in 15 km radius of Avebury.

In the 80-ies of XX century crop circles began to change shape. Appeared squares, rectangles, some of the figures resembled ancient rock paintings. While observers reported strange lights, sounds of high frequency, failures of electronic equipment. The phenomenon has spread to USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand. Found it and in the rice fields of Japan. By the early 90s around the world have counted more than 20 thousand (!) circles. Puzzled the researchers noted that within them, the plants continue to grow normally, but only… lying down.

Were later discovered the whole composition of circles – pictograms. It was very complex, sometimes puzzling pictures: “patirotic” – a large circle, enclosed in a ring of four circles-satellites, “dumbbell” – two circles connected in the middle by a straight line, and other patterns.

Possible patterns is much larger and they began to appear much earlier. The thing is that standing on the field, it is impossible to understand in what pattern are formed bruising cereals. It is noticeable only from the height of bird flight. Or from a nearby hill.

What circles is the phenomenon, first appeared not in the twentieth century, they say published not only previous years, but of centuries past. For example, there is a brochure entitled The Mowing-Devil (Devil-mower), published in 1678 it 5 sheets and drawings, one of which – the pattern on the field. The story described in the brochure, occurred in August 1678 in Hertfordshire. There lived a rich industrious farmer. He went to the poor neighbor who worked mainly in summer, during harvest, in order to agree that one will mow his oats. However, the neighbor has requested too high price. After a short verbal altercation, the farmer said that he had refused his neighbor. However, he suddenly realized that if he be without this little work, then in future farmer will not have anything to offer him, ran after him and said that he is willing to do the work for the price less than he had offered anyone this year. However, the farmer replied that it will have to deal with a neighbor only if the devil himself mow his oats, and walked away. That same night, according to several pilgrims, the field was engulfed in flames. The farmer told me about this this morning, and he went to see. Then close to the text translation: “…inquisitive Farmer quickly arrived at the place where his oats grew, and to his delight found that the oats was mowed and ready for harvest; and since the Devil had a plan to show his dexterity in the art of harvesting, and despised the usual way of a taper, he cut the stems in circles, and placed every straw with a precision that would take a century any person who decided to do it. And the man who owns them, are still afraid to go.’

In the journal Nature dated 29 July 1880 “circles” dedicated a lot of space. However, we are talking about a wild grass, not grains. The journal provides descriptions of the circles, their size, the kind of herbs, on which appear patterns. “Some represent a third of the circle, the other semicircular. Other – a quarter or a sixth part of the respective circles… Not only single, but sometimes double and triple circles, one inside the other… Less common square shape, inscribed in a circle”. The author of the article tries to explain the formation of the described circles, rejecting the idea that they are used (and therefore formed) by witches, elves or fairies in their dances. The main idea put forward is that these circles are formed as a result of a lightning strike, and their diversity, the author tries to explain the fact that lightning strikes from various distances (depending on the height of the cloud cover), sometimes multiple times, and the zipper can be different… “When examining more closely it turned out that they all had a similar character, namely, a few standing stalks in the center, a certain amount of creeping stems with ears, spaced quite evenly, forming a circle around the center, but outside of all this – a circular wall of stalks which had not been damaged… Possibly similar phenomena have been seen somewhere else some of your readers”.

Should be added, and a later source – the magazine “Around the world” (No. 4, 1965) “In the clear morning sky, circling the plane. Under the wing floated villages, fields, copses of ancient Burgundy. Professor Goga, a passionate lover of photography, shot most spectacularly lit landscapes. The plane was flying along the Burgundy canal. Suddenly… HOGA ceased to believe his eyes. Near the city of Dijon, among alfalfa fields he saw a huge, correct form ring. It seemed that under the ground there is a giant circle – and the grass more dense and vivid than on the entire field, clearly outlined it. Nearby were visible the other ring, however, no such visible and smaller. Gaga, lost the rest. What lies under the ground? A century or a Millennium has left its mark on the alfalfa? Gaga, he shared his discovery with the archaeologists. Began the preparatory archaeological work, a number of hypotheses. Some scientists suggest that under the green circles are hidden sanctuary of the bronze age, others expect to find under the ground remains of the medieval castle, once surrounded with a ditch, through which water once flowed. In their opinion, the groundwater continues to circulate, and now, giving extra moisture to the plants. But while the mysterious circles on the alfalfa remain a mystery”.

Over time I began to receive new information and updated old information. So, according to the famous Russian researcher, international project “Kosmopoisk” Vadim Chernobrov (which, by the way, not once gave an interview to our newspaper), the mysterious circles in a large number appear not only in England but also in Russia. Numerous legends and traditions, tells that at night the crops in the fields are bent strange circles devils and witches, was common in almost all of Europe, including Russia. After a long period of ridicule prejudices of these scientists around the world started talking seriously about circles and began to study this mysterious phenomenon. The first released data and photos of unexplained phenomena Australians in 1966 the British won the right to call these circles on behalf of the mother country only through their ardent love for everything out of the ordinary. Because we all know how they love their ghosts, and their spirits. And then, due to the nature of punctuality the British systematically recorded the appearance of all sorts of unexplained phenomena in their fields.

Once in London hosted a special Symposium for the study of these circles, there was a science called cereology on behalf of Ceres, the Roman goddess of fertility. Spears at the Symposium broke is not a joke: a researcher Terence Miden defended his idea that the crop circles occur due to unknown atmospheric phenomena. Paul fuller insisted on the theory of their extraterrestrial origin, Jan Mrzyglod said that everything is an elaborate hoax, and given information, as in 1986, an influential paper was trying to pay farmers a lot of money for the creation of the circles on their land. Russian physicist Andrei Olkhovatov suggests that circles are some form of energy exchange between the crust and the atmosphere. There have been other hypotheses: the air vortices, microcomedo, of a UFO hovering… and even weddings and dances families of hedgehogs and “tricks” ants! And no need to run on the latest version! For all its exoticism it has a robust grain.

The author of this weird, unexpected and original version is one of the leading entomologists of great Britain, Professor Robert Etwall. He believes that the mysterious crop circles to establish contacts with people doing very smart ants, unknown to science species. Checking soil samples in places the appearance of circles, Etwall quickly found confirmation of his theory: on earth, clearly visible traces of activities of ants. The complexity of the patterns left by them said that it is not simple, but very smart creatures.

Entomologists have long known that some species of insects, especially bees and ants, for communication use the language of body movements. However, until recently, was not aware of any case that they leave on the ground of a written message. In recent years Istool with several linguists worked on the decoding of these “letters”. One of them has already been translated, reads: “hi! Do not be afraid. We’ll be there soon”. From him and others it becomes clear that ants are considered the owners of the Land not the people, but themselves.

Professor Actuall believes that somewhere deep beneath the earth lives is unknown to scientists, the kind of ants that send to the surface, “expedition”, to those tried to engage with people contacts. Now along with further translations of ant messages, Etwall intends to excavate in the fields with circles hoping to catch at least one of the mysterious insect.

Perhaps the most plausible seems to be the point of view of T. Medina, who considered the cause of crop circles electrified whirlwinds. She, however, does not explain why the vortices act with pinpoint accuracy…

Residents of those areas where the patterns appear in the fields, most are in favor of UFO version: patterns – place of landing of UFOs. According to serious researchers, is the “distraction” theory for fans of little green men. Well why would aliens such antics? Why would the alien ships such patterns? For them, to sit more comfortable? Or UFO’s are at such a low level of technical development that are unmarked they can’t land?!

In the last time there was one very interesting theory that explains the mysterious patterns. Crop circles – the result of the action of certain fields (information, energy) or “smart”, “live” energy. But what is this field, what kind of energy? Why their action has intensified and now in this manifestation? How connected their action with the development of the Earth and man? The answers to these questions are at the head of leading scientists. Many observed that crop circles often appear over the energy lines of the Earth and the so-called places of power, for example, even in England, where many Druidic mounds and FORTS.

As for the version of the involvement of UFOs, it can be considered only from the point of view of some effects of aircraft on the environment. Often, night watchmen, and in love with Russia watching strange glow over the fields, where the next morning the find circles. In 1998, such effects were observed near the village Nekrasovskaya, Krasnodar Krai, and in June 1999 the emergence of the night like UFO object seen by residents of several hamlets. The next morning on the fields there were circles. Chernobrov went to the famous Kurchatov Institute, trying to understand what is happening. He gave them a curious videotape recording made by a random bystander. On film Chernobrov saw two fireballs flying over the field, and then by orbs formed one large and four symmetrically arranged small circles.

Cases where the appearance of crop circles happened in front of people, only about fifty. Eyewitness accounts are very confusing, but this is understandable – people are stunned by what they saw. Unites these stories one: all the cases of crop circles have occurred during either rain or strong winds, or thunderstorms – which again confirms the theory of some scientists about the connection of crop circles with natural phenomena. For example, in England there was a case where the pitch suddenly as if parted, opened like a fan, and observers noticed only swept over this place the wind. In the County of Kent, in England, people say that in the time of storm like a giant “glass” hovered over a field of wheat. “Glass” was translucent, and it was obvious that inside of it would be spun as a huge vortex, which formed the crop circles. Eyewitnesses also claim that the formation of circles is not for the observer of the danger, but witnesses and reported unpleasant sensations, such as strong ringing in the ears and headache, but in the end no one was hurt.

And when started a kind of chronicle of the Russian cereology? The first evidence relate to 1984 It was then that noticed the first few laps the driver from Borisoglebsk, Voronezh region N. Laptev. Then they began to appear every year in different places of Russia: Ryazan region, in Tambov, near Volgograd. But all the records broken Krasnodar Krai.

In 1991, reports about the appearance of fields on a clear geometric formations came from Tikhoretsk, Kropotkin, then the circles appeared in the North-West under Yeisk. In June 1996, the pattern of three circles appeared on the field at the entrance to the city, and his witnesses were hundreds of local residents. Moreover, novokubanske spent on the space inside the circles something like a holiday show, and be around for the wedding procession turned to be photographed in this “brave diva”.

In June 1998, challenging the icon “blessed” field near Ust-Labinsk. But in 1999 the number of registered laps was a record for Russia. The first was as if scorched in a barley field South of the City, and it also managed to photograph. The second circle spotted near the road between the villages of Leningrad and Konevsky. 10 July, there were round rings with a diameter of 18 metres South – West of Toronto. Here it is, a special expedition from the enthusiasts and Krasnodar scientists. She soon found the circles on the 120-kilometer highway Armavir – Tikhoretsk.

What do researchers say about Russian circles? A purely visual inspection showed that the circles are not fake. And I must say that many on the wave of General interest create a fake – to attract interest to themselves, to the terrain in which they live. Clear boundaries and bent, but living stems, is this the first sign of trustworthiness was evident. By the way, to distinguish “real” circles from fake” is quite simple, just need to know the signs of “real”. Spikes in the figures are not broken, are bent approximately 3-5 cm from the ground, where is the first trick of the ear, at an angle of about 90 degrees; there has been an increase burl ear (pranks), the change of the embryo in cereals and changes in cellular structure (changes in DNA); in plants appear hollow, as if they were heated from the inside; that is fixed by the deflection magnetic field and the increase in radiation is about three times compared to normal background. And most importantly: circles in the fields occur at night, in the morning just for a few seconds. Modern science is like a play can’t.

In Krasnodar Krai the researchers first tried to use it to survey more than a dozen different devices. The result is that no deviations practically across the entire spectrum – ultraviolet, infrared rays, microwaves, x-rays, beta-rays – all normal. But on the border of the circles in half elevated background alpha-rays. Articulated theory does not yet exist. It is a pity that the majority of crop circles go unnoticed, and those that do arise, quickly disappear – flattened ears and the grass straightened up again.

Unknown artist, painting in the fields, have shown themselves to be in the South of Russia last year, in the night from 12 to 13 June. Shocked residents of Stavropol saw in the sky coming on Board the shining object about the size of a five-story building”. Local police said: “the UFO went down, and from its two side surfaces emanates a vapor trail. Fire is such a thing”. Cars passing by, failed motors, and the drivers felt sleepy. In the morning it turned out that the wheat field is painted a very complex figure: in the center was a picture of a circle with a diameter of 20 m and it is located around the circumference relating to your edges of a large circle. It differed from the three beams, also with a length of 20 m, ending with three circles with a diameter of 5-7 m each. Two of them were joined together by the arc.

As usually happens in such cases, the wheat was stacked with fantastic accuracy. In the center of the large circle of gaping pit depth of 30 cm with a smooth, polished walls. About it not working on mobile phones.

“The fact that this is not done by human hands, – clearly, – said Deputy Secretary of Security Council of Stavropol territory Vasily Belchenko, having been at the scene. Is sat an unknown object… Eyewitnesses say was an instant fit and an instant take-off in a few seconds. If we accept this version, the diameter of the object should be not less than two hundred meters!”

By the way, almost the same figure (Central circle concentric with the circumference of the circle and three smaller ones on the sides, connected by lines) seen on 9 July 1997, in neighboring Krasnodar territory near Maikop local combiner.

“Nature with its elements like to do you simply can not, – said the journalist of the newspaper “the Lights Caucasus” E. Bugaenko. – Very clear, symmetrical, everything is done correctly. Man it’s so good to crush, too, wouldn’t be so easy, given the scale of the images, the accuracy of its implementation and the absence of any traces coming from the side to the mysterious place… Deleting the earthly remains of unidentified something from the outside.”

Stavropoltsy not the first time confronted with the circles. They first appeared in the night from 24 to may 25, 1991 near Budyonnovsk. The General Director of Association “Stavropolavtotrans” A. Vishnyakov accidentally looked out the window and saw five fire balls with a small “tail”, like falling from the sky. In the next moment balls leveled off, and in the sky appeared a huge machine the size of a football field. It clearly stood out big steel “humps” and confusing design. Soon all the objects disappeared over the horizon. ‘ve all seen it dozens of locals. Another day on the field in the nearby village of Chkalovsky noticed “circles”. “On the area about 0,2 hectares looming six right, like with a pair of compasses, circles, and two small rectangle – wrote the local newspaper “the Soviet Prikamie”. The diameter of each circle is 7 m. If it is not a trace of landing UFOs, what other phenomenon led to the formation of such an unusual circles in a wheat field?”

Recently born a very interesting hypothesis, which was intended to explain. If stripped of the mysticism and the ideas about the intervention of UFO and not bleary eyes, everything points to technologies that are well known to us – laser. After intensive investigation Counter Intelligence Agency (intelligence Agency reverse) found that the circles are very similar to the result of the action of lasers with orbiting satellites. Americans are known to be very afraid of “the threat from the East”, and on their first artificial satellites began to put the laser equipment. If the Russians knew that during the cold war, this technology already exists within the EU, then this problem would be given more serious attention, and the United States could not afford to do it.

But why do the Americans “draw” on the ground? To pass some information to the aliens. That is, the circles is not they give us something misleading, and we have them.

The laser “cutting” technology uses precise computer measurements developed by Nikon, except that here the invisible laser beam does not cut, but rather presses into a pre-programmed image to the surface. Hence the accuracy of the patterns.

In addition a “laser version” may explain why witnesses reported that saw nothing, and the patterns literally for 10-15 seconds disappear. Strange sounds that witnesses heard was the magnetic pulse generated by the laser.

Good version. Beautiful. There is only one “but”: the fragility of the drawings. Or with aliens assigned to the communication sessions? Like, here with such and such on such-and-such an hour wait for picture messages? If not, then where is the guarantee that the aliens will have time to “read” the message? But if the sessions are assigned, what is the need for drawings? You can exchange information during a communication session…

In General, whatever it was, none of the existing hypotheses is not confirmed officially. However, the problem turns out to be such a burning that the Queen of England has promised a reward to those who solve the mystery of the circles.

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