The mystery of the ancient mummy “newcomer”

The mysterious tiny mummy found in the Atacama Desert in Chile has become even more mysterious after the latest scientific research.

This out-of-the-ordinary tiny mummy with a conical skull was discovered in the Atacama Desert in Chile about 15 years ago. The researchers immediately assumed that this is a mummy of an extraterrestrial being. The first studies showed that this creature has 10 pairs of ribs at a time when humans have 12.

Ufologists have suggested that this is the mummified remains of an alien whose spaceship crashed on planet Earth. Scientists, in turn, tried to explain the anomalous structure of the mummy and its size by the fact that it is an earth child with developmental abnormalities.

According to scientists this child whose growth reached only 15 centimeters was from 7 to 6 years, but these statements sound even more fantastic than the version with the aliens.

Studies of the mummy continue and according to the latest published information, the scientists having conducted additional studies have now concluded that this human being was about 4 months old.

A team from the International Institute of Paleopathology came to the conclusion that the skeleton called Ata was a 15-week-old fetus and probably the result of a miscarriage.

“This mummy reflects a sad loss for the mother in the Atacama Desert,” said Dr. Bernardo Arrias, a bioarchologist from the University of Tarapaca in Chile.

Who is right – ufologists or scientists? The question is interesting, but we are unlikely to get a response to it. Despite completely different from the human characteristics of this creature, scientists will still argue that this is just a child with anomalies in development, and ufologists that this is an alien mummy.

The truth is the same as usual somewhere near …

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