The mystery of the Estonian anomaly Merivilya

In Estonia, not far from Tallinn is one of the most mysterious places on Earth. The area Meriwaly, from the point of view of ufologists, is very popular. Many legends tell about what happened here in the distant past. And even scientists take them seriously. Suffice it to say that the secret of the Estonian town tried to solve the intelligence of the three countries.

This almost detective story began in the mid-1960s. last century. The owner of one of the land plots in the area of ​​Merivaglia, car mechanician Virgo Mitt, decided to dig a well in his yard. At first the work moved forward and everything went well. But suddenly at a depth of seven meters the shovel came across a metal object with a smooth surface of silvery-gray color, like a plate.

Virgo tried to dig a find or bypass it. But all attempts were futile – the subject was very large. In addition, with each new blow on him, the man was getting worse and worse. But Virgo took himself in hand and decided to bring the matter to an end.

Having obtained somewhere a jackhammer, he crashed an unexpected hindrance for hours. Attempts to break a hole in the slab finally succeeded – the top layer of it turned out to be hard, but not thick. However, under it was a different, more structured texture, reminiscent of “icicles or carnations.”

Perseverance and labor all peretrut: a few days in the plate gaped a hole of quite suitable dimensions for the well. Suddenly, water began to come. Mitt would rejoice, and he fell into frustration. The water turned out to be clean though not suitable for drinking. So much labor and sweat were wasted! An exasperated Virgo decided to end his epic with a well on this.

A bucket of fragments from the stove of the car mechanic was poured back into the water. But not all … A couple of smaller pieces – about ten centimeters – Virgo decided to leave a memory for himself. They were from a solid, unknown metal, similar to aluminum. One time lost somewhere, but another … He was waiting for an unusual fate!

Soon after all these events in the house of Virgo strange things began to happen: at night there was a knock, furniture, dishes, books fell.

Virgo Mitt was a sociable person, very fond of music and sang in the choir. He had many friends, and he repeatedly invited them to his house to look at the “barbarian tricks”. Among them was one physicist, who was very interested in this whole story with a well and a stove.

He asked Virgo for a piece of metal to show it at the Estonian Polytechnic Institute. When they began to investigate, the scientists gasped: it found almost 40 elements of the periodic table, which never occur in nature together! Moreover, in modern conditions it is simply impossible to obtain such an alloy!

In 1969, this unique find found itself on the desk of a young scientist Herbert Wijdinga. And then a mystical fragment presented another unexpected surprise. One day one of the engineers touched him and received a blow, which was like a powerful electric discharge, from which the engineer lost consciousness.

Vijding was shocked: he many times took a splinter in his hands, but nothing unusual happened. Then the young scientist decided to start research.

Strange samples

A lot of people took part in the experiment: the Institute’s employees, friends and relatives of the scientist and even psychics – more than 300 people in all. The results of the experiment were documented.

It turned out that people reacted to the unknown metal in different ways: some were shocked, others felt a slight vibration. Someone felt the fragment as cold, and some had burns on their hands, someone was feeling better, while others had the opposite. Viding analyzed the results and identified eight types of different effects. There was something to think about …

From 1970 to 1988, a sample of the “object M” (now known as a fragment of unknown metal in official records) was submitted for analysis to Moscow, Leningrad and Kiev research institutes and laboratories. However, the results of the research were classified, and information about them was never received.

Then he turned for help to “the most secret man of Estonia” – Ann Parve. Nobody knows exactly who he was, where he worked and what position this “Mr. X” held, it was only known that in the post-war period he was engaged in the development of new technologies for cosmonautics and enjoyed great authority in Moscow.

And close people knew about the strange “hobby” of this mysterious person – for dozens of years he was looking for the tracks of a certain Captain Abel: allegedly he in the middle of 1938 invented a new type of light weapons. His prototype was manufactured. Captain Abel offered his invention to the Estonian Ministry of Defense. In 1943 they were intensely interested in the German Abwehr and the Gestapo. After the war, the traces of the inventor began to search for Anne Kalievich Parve.

With the assistance of Parve, fragment fragments from Merivolya were investigated at the Institute of Aviation Materials, MEPhI, the All-Union Institute of Mineral Raw Materials, the Research Institute of Rare Metal Industry and a number of other secret organizations. Almost immediately from Moscow came the answer: nothing to touch – a special commission urgently leaves for Tallinn.

The immediate participant of those mysterious events was the famous Estonian ufologist Igor Volke. A supervised the work of the commission of someone D. – an employee of one of the secret military research institutes. He signed a contract with the Institute of Geology of the Estonian SSR Academy of Sciences on the study of a mysterious object in the courtyard of Virgo Mitta.

A study group of 14 people allocated a room in which special equipment was placed, and organized round-the-clock security. The purpose of the research was “experimental verification of the possibilities of carrying information impact on the D-field”. About what the “D-field”, no one had a clue. All 34 instruments from the laboratory were encrypted with letters and numbers. It is only known that among them there were 8 generators of the mysterious “D-field” and some recording equipment.

The fact that Comrade D. – not a private person, said the scale of the work. For security reasons, the group began digging outside the abnormal zone around the Mitt house. This area was fenced, and extra people were not allowed to go there. In the garden on the eastern side of the house was excavated excavator pit deep with a two-story house. The abandoned well was again excavated, and under the garage at a depth of 6 meters horizontal work was passed.

A strange metal plate was found at a depth of 7-8 meters. But after that work had to be stopped – the equipment refused. The house still heard strange knocking, and from the excavated pit at night a green glow emanated. Once in the pit on the rope decided to go down one of the researchers. At first everything went smoothly, but suddenly he jerked and sagged.

With great difficulty, he was lifted to the surface. There were no fractures and bruises, but the man was in a terrible state – all had the impression that he was very much frightened. Even after a long stay in the hospital, the scientist could not come to his senses, he did not remember anything. What happened to him remained a mystery.

Work on the Mitta farmstead lasted four months. And then the most incomprehensible thing happened. Here that Igor Volke remembers: “Once again it was decided to go down to the ground. There were not enough people. But the order is an order. In general, it was allegedly found a volunteer. But he was not lucky either. As soon as he was in the pit, a green triangle burst from the surface of the object. ”

He hit the man hard in the stomach. The researcher lost consciousness. He was urgently picked up. The most surprising thing was that the mysterious “green triangle” left on the body “four burnt rhombuses”. After this incident, all the work was canceled. Suddenly, water appeared in the pit. She arrived and arrived, none of the pumps could pump it out. It was decided to continue the study of the facility next year.

In 1984, another attempt was made to obtain additional samples and to clarify the location of the Merivial find. By order of the Vice-President of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, Academician AA Yanshin, a new special group arrived in Estonia. Water was pumped from the well, and the walls were probed with a magnetometer. At a depth of 6.5 meters, a signal indicating a strong magnetic material was noted. But due to large frosts, samples could not be extracted.

In 1985, a horizontal layer of pyrite was discovered here, from which it was concluded that it was he who created the magnetic anomaly. The verdict was short – it is not advisable to conduct further work. There is not a word about “object M” in it. The work was stopped. Officially…

And the people were rumors that the mysterious metal object disappeared, as if it was not at all. According to one version, he was secretly removed and taken to a secret laboratory of the Ministry of Defense. In another, the object lay in the ground, so it lies, but simply “does not want them to be so interested in it.” He allegedly is able to deceive others, changing their properties. UFOlogists even put forward a fantastic version: the mysterious “something” has its own mind or is controlled by someone from the outside.

In September 1988, unexpectedly died Herbert Weiding (officially – from a heart attack). Almost immediately from his office mysteriously disappeared safe with all the documents associated with the “object M”.

Only a few questionnaires have survived. And exactly one year later Anne Parve died. Shortly before his death, he complained that in Parnu, where he was giving lectures, a piece of metal from the “M object” mysteriously disappeared from his diplomat. The bottom of the plastic tube, where he was, is unclear from what has collapsed, but the diplomat remained unscathed.

The fate of the discoverer of the “object M” Virgo Mitta was also tragic. His health deteriorated sharply. Experts advised him to move the bed away from the anomalous zone, but the owner of the estate refused, saying that he “is already used here.” In 1980, he almost completely refused his legs, and seven years until his death in 1987, this far from old man lay still.

Today it is difficult to say how much his illness was associated with the “object”, but the fact remains.

The famous sorcerer Ann from the small island of Vormsi advised to fall asleep a well. He even indicated the exact date for this on November 6 and 15, 1988. His advice followed, but at the moment when the well began to fall asleep on November 6 with sand, there was a deafening roar that thousands of people heard at a great distance.

At the same time, no destruction was observed in the district. Attempts to find out the reason for this phenomenon did not yield anything. November 15, when the next dump truck was poured into the well, devilry began in Virgo Mitt’s house: clay ware moved spontaneously and the upholstery on upholstered furniture burned, books fell, strange clatter resumed.

Some time in the basement, the glow of the light bulb was observed, although no one lit it. On the door appeared four crosses of white color, which were not washed off.

Poltergeist specialists believe that the cause of all these anomalies was a mysterious underground object. It was he who could break the space-time structure of this place. As a result, there was a convergence of the material and subtle world.

What, after all, is the mysterious “object M” lying in Estonian land? “The father of Russian biolocation” N. N. Sochevanov based on his biolocation studies on the ground made detailed drawings and diagrams of the object. As a resonator, he used a plate of the most mysterious metal.

So, the object has an oval contour with a diameter of about 15 meters. Its upper boundary is located at a depth of 3 to 7 meters with a dip to the east at an angle of 35-40 °. The vertical diameter of the object in the middle reaches 2.5-4 meters with a decrease in the edges. About one third of it is under the house. Judging by the specific gravity of the sample, the weight of the shell of the object is only 200 tons.

In the early 90’s. I.Volke invited the famous Moscow parapsychologist (he did not name his name) to Tallinn. They decided to visit the legendary place in Merivaglia. Parapsychologist was dropped from the car a couple of miles to the site of Mitta – they say, if he is a real expert, he will find the way himself.

And literally in half an hour the guest from Moscow was already there. There he went for a long time and checked something with the help of frames, and then he said: “The object is still underground. Moreover, a few meters away from him lies another one, a little smaller. ” But the most surprising discovery – in a small object is the body …

It is likely that this cabin with a pilot. Wolke expressed his own hypothesis: “I think that this is a kind of a beacon. Well, you know, here’s a man for cars to come up with a traffic light to make it easier to navigate the roads. So, for UFOs, such navigation systems are necessary. ”

Known in Estonia, the “contactee” Hilie Vires once claimed that the “object M” is a multipurpose ship from Sirius, which is both a beacon for spacecraft, and a scientific laboratory, and something else … She warned that it can not be touch.

And one of the Russian “contactees” assures us that this is an alien probe that plays the role of a generator that corrects the earth’s psi field. So, maybe, those who persistently repeat: “It is not necessary for us, it is not for us, and not to take” are right.

At one time, the research manager “Comrade D” proposed to build a special research center with “M” object with four underground floors. Some hotheads and now offer to demolish the house of Mitt, adjust the excavator and pull the “plate” into the light of God. What for? “So after all, 200 tons of unique metal,” they answer, “plus, perhaps, priceless content: engines, equipment …”

Is it worth it in such a hurry? After all, we do not even know approximately how this “thing” can react to our intrusion. Suffice it to recall the attempts already made, which did not lead to anything good …

Today Merivälja is the prestigious suburb of Tallinn: here, rich Estonians build large beautiful houses. But it’s worth going through the little street and going to the very house of Mitt. In the house next door there is an old Estonian woman.

She is a witness of those events. “I’ve lived here for a very long time and I know this story perfectly,” she says. “I could tell you a lot …” The old woman shows a small patch of land near the fence and says: “You know, this is the most unpleasant place in our yard. I can not stay here at all. It is worth approaching here, as soon as the head begins to ache terribly. The trouble is that this place is too close to home, and sometimes, on some special days in the evenings, unbearable horror comes upon me. ”

By the way, this cat is very fond of cats – they are gathering in packs. But the dogs, by contrast, bypass it far side. In winter, snow practically does not melt at this place, and in spring, when snowdrifts are everywhere, grass grows here.

On February 24, 1989, the blue-black-and-white national flag of Estonia rose above the “Long German”. Three minutes before this historic event, the same flag was raised in the backyard of the Mitt manor. The solemn ceremony was held in the presence of representatives of government circles. And this means that now the mysterious object has become the national property of the young independent state, and it will decide how to dispose of it.

In 1991, an expedition from Japan arrived in Merivelia.

Strange archaeologists pitched the territory into squares and began to bark violently into the ground, but the pits constantly filled the water. Then it turned out that with obtaining a study permit from the Japanese, not everything is “clean”.

A real scandal broke out. The Estonian government banned further work, and the Japanese reluctantly moved away. Subsequently it turned out that the Japanese intelligence officer was in charge of this expedition …

People say that the dishes are beating for luck. But in the case of the merivial find everything is different. If there really is an alien “plate” in Estonian land, then let it remain intact longer. Everything has its time…

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