The phenomenon of a divided sunset over Canada

Unusual phenomena in the atmosphere of our planet have been observed for the last few days. People pay attention to the strange color of the sky and no less strange sunrises and sunsets. In Canada, eyewitnesses were shocked by the fact that at sunset the sunlight leaving the horizon behind the horizon, was divided by exactly half, as if someone had covered one part of the sky.

Terry Knox, one of the witnesses of a strange phenomenon, said that he was shocked by what he saw, like all the others who saw this phenomenal phenomenon.

Meteorologists hastened to state that this phenomenon is related to the fact that an object blocked some of the light from the Sun. The features of the relief they say. But the people of Canada do not agree with this.

People say that they have never seen anything like this before. In the city of Kelowna, the assurances of meteorologists were laughed at and asked them to come and show which mountain or other element of the “relief” affected the sunset.

Such a “split” of the sunset is already observed in other parts of the globe. Can there also interfere with the light of the Sun, some “features of the relief” or is something more mysterious and frightening?

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