The phenomenon of “Gewedos”: a village in the Dominican Republic, where girls in 12 years, the gender changes

In the Dominican Republic there is the remote village of Salinas, and scientists have been studying the nature of the locals for several decades, which still seems to be something of a fantasy. The fact is that there are children who are born girls, but in adolescence turn into boys. For this phenomenon, they even invented their term “Gevedos”, literally it means “penis in 12 years”.

Some men from Salinas recall how they used to wear dresses in their childhood, that they had a lot of girlish toys, but they didn’t play with them, they were drawn to chasing the ball or getting involved in a fight. And in adolescence, their love for boyish games became clear: their body changed, they turned into boys. Even today, in Salinas, live “gevedos” who have not yet had time to become boys. So, one family told the media about her daughter Carla, who is now about ten years old, and all her relatives already feel the girl’s future changes.
“When she was five, I noticed that whenever she saw her boy friends, she wanted to fight them. Her muscles began to grow. It was possible to notice that she will become a boy. I love her, whoever she is. A girl or a boy doesn’t matter, ”says Carla’s mother.

We are all originally girls

It seems incredible, but this phenomenon has a logical scientific explanation. And he was given back in the 1970s by doctors from New York. Scientists were rumored to Salinas, and surprisingly, everything was confirmed. For a long time they explored the village and found out the reason for such transformations.

Johnny, who also experienced “reincarnation”
The fact is that we all initially look like girls when we are in the womb. Each of us has two chromosomes, boys have X and Y, and girls have only X chromosomes. However, it is impossible to determine visually the sex in early pregnancy. Everything becomes clear when hormones start working. A still unborn boy under the influence of the Y chromosome causes a surge in the hormones testosterone, which is why the baby becomes a boy. And the fruit, which is destined to remain a girl, so it remains.

However, not all residents of the village of Salinas have this surge, so only girls are born. But, of course, by the nature of some adolescents X-and Y-chromosomes, as befits boys.

The surge comes in adolescence, and this time testosterone is already working as it should, and children have primary sexual characteristics.

In general, in Salinas, one of the 90 children born is “Gevedos”. Scientists suggest that this phenomenon persists in the village because of its remoteness and isolation. Recently, another settlement was discovered, in another part of the planet, in Papua New Guinea, where nature also jokes over the inhabitants. By the way, all the organs of the boys who survived the reincarnation, work normally, as with ordinary men.

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