The phenomenon of spontaneous teleportation

In Germany since ancient times has been preserved amazing legend. She talks about the cases of missing babies that happened right in front of the shocked parents. Sometimes children just as suddenly returned. Ancient belief States that have had similar moving to another world and back children were getting to the end of his days “labeled”.

Such instantaneous movement in space — the amazing manifestations of the phenomenon of teleportation. In many countries from time to time fixed inexplicably shoots from single cells. For example, the famous Harry Houdini had a trick where he disappeared from a locked vault. The illusionist showed him in many cities around the world — in London, Washington, Petersburg, including all kinds of control, in the presence of crowds of journalists… How could he have done such wonders, is unknown.

The term “teleportation” was coined by the English researcher of the paranormal Charles Fort in the late nineteenth century. He first described this phenomenon and tried to explain it. However, a clear answer to the question of how this occurs, scientists can not give up yet.

Indeed, how to explain, for example, the fact (a well-documented and witnessed by family authoritative persons) that in the thirteenth century the Canon Dominic on the territory of modern Milan (Italy) were treated from one Cup of wine a hundred people, but the Cup remained full?

Another famous story: in XVI century Roman priest Angiolo Paoli fed a lot of hungry people, getting loaves of bread out of thin air. Similar cases of teleportation of inanimate objects in the history of the world are extremely numerous.

All the charm of teleportation could get the experience and the people. Some of them, for example, the famous philosopher of the Roman Empire, the Apollonia of Tyana (first century), could foresee events in advance. The Roman Emperor Domitian started a trial of the rebellious Apollonia. After the verdict, the seer said: “Nobody, not even the Emperor can’t hold me prisoner!” A flash of light and the convict disappeared. The same day he appeared at the distance of three days ‘ journey from Rome among their students.

However, as evidenced by the sources, teleportation of people most often occurs regardless of their wishes. In the anthology of John. Mitchell “Phenomena the Book of miracles” describes the court of the Inquisition over the soldier suddenly appeared on October 25, 1697, in Mexico city, although his regiment was in the Philippines!

“He could tell only that for a few moments before that did guard duty in Manila at the Governor’s Palace, which few minutes ago was assassinated. As appeared in Mexico city in arms, the soldiers had no idea”, — said in the report of the Inquisition.

A few months later, his comrades, taken to Mexico by ship from the Philippines, confirmed the soldier’s story.

Many similar cases are contained in the British “Book of miracles” of the XVI century. In particular, it describes how the County of Suffolk suddenly appeared neatly dressed boy and girl. Their clothes were a completely different cut, and the language was very different from that spoken by the residents of the County. This is a story about the so-called Green children Woolpit.

There is in this book and the history of the medium Mrs. Guppy, who suddenly moved from his home in London and in the neighboring collapsed (and the lady was heavy) served on the dinner table, broke it into chips.

In 1903, two American women, mother and 17-year-old daughter, came in from Kansas to Maine (between half of America) to settle in a new home. The daughter entered the house and in the eyes of the stunned mother and neighbors vanished without a trace. That same night she appeared on the balcony sold in Kansas at home. Poor mother was notified by telegram, and two weeks later, the daughter came to the new house, which disappeared in the most incredible way.

The British army major Tudor Pole, in April 1952, desperately rushed from shelf to home, in Norfolk, on the marriage of his daughter. Realizing that did not have time, he went to the station restaurant, sat down at the bar, drank a glass of gin, he thought, and… found myself at the wedding table. However, without a gift and suitcase left in the restaurant bar.

Carlos Diaz, 27-year-old Argentinian, January 4, 1975 was riding my bike home from work. Feeling a sudden weakness, he sat down on the grass in the Park and… came to myself 500 miles from home, on the grass, the outlying district of Buenos Aires. Passers-by helped the poor guy get to the hospital.

Most people who have experienced the phenomenon of teleportation, said that just before the move felt weakness, dizziness, nausea, and even losing consciousness.

Here’s a pretty famous example. Famous American ufologist John keel (1930-2009) cites the case that took place in the early twentieth century and their spouses Vidal. They were traveling by car from the Mexican city of Chascomús, in the city of Mizu. Half a mile ahead was riding in his car, the husband and wife Soldi, Vidala invited to visit.

The owners of the house, having driven to town, stopped to wait behind guests. They waited more than an hour, drove back 50 miles, but Seen together with his car disappeared without a trace. Two days later, after the police declared them wanted, the couple turned up already… over 4 thousands of miles away in Argentina, calling out to friends.

Later they explained that during the trip they started playing up the car. Suddenly they dropped the white cloud, both became ill. When the fog lifted and they felt better, found that the machine works, but they were in completely unfamiliar territory. Passing residents plunged spouses in utter despair, explaining that they are in Argentina!

During the journey in Tibet by French Explorer Alexandra David-Neel (1868-1969) was faced with an amazing opportunity. The Abbot of the monastery, inviting a celebration of some of the hermit, sent for him luxurious closed litter with escort. The hermit had avoided such attention, but he in front of everyone went inside and closed the door. To the monastery, however, he went on foot under the scorching sun arrived later, the porters was surprised to find that inside their stretcher was no one.

Jose Antonio da Silva on 9 may 1969 in shock woke up next to a Victoria, although I remember that I walked before in 900 km from there, in Bebedouro (Brazil).

In the middle of the Atacama desert (Chile) on 22 October 2002 he was found hungry and dehydrated young man, 24-year-old Marivaldo, Amorino Sousa, who, according to him, lives in Bahia (northeast of Brazil). The Brazilian was unable to explain how he got to the desert. He remembered only that for a week without food and water runs among the stones and sand. The local police were in shock after hearing this story: it is unclear how the Brazilian actually survived in the most terrible desert on the planet.

In the book “Silent road” (1962) specialist in black magic Wellesley Tudor Pole spoke about the case of teleportation, the incident with him.

“In December 1952, I got off the train at suburban station about a mile and a half from my home in Sussex. The train from London arrived late, the bus had already left, and there was no taxi. The rain poured incessantly. It was five o’clock and fifty minutes in the afternoon.

In six hours I had to call from abroad and this was a very important call. The situation seemed hopeless. And that really was bad is the fact that the phone at the station was not working because the line had some damage, and I was not able to use it.

In desperation, I sat on a bench in the waiting room and began to compare the time on your watch and station. Given that the station clock is always go for a couple of minutes ahead, I decided that the exact time was 17 hours and 57 minutes, that is to say, there was still three minutes until 18:00.

What happened then, I can’t say. When I came to, I was standing in the hall of his house which was at a distance of a good twenty minute walk away. At this time the clock started to beat six. The minute the phone rang.

After I finished talking, I realized that there was something very strange, and then, to his great surprise, saw that my shoes were dry, they were not dirt and the clothes were absolutely dry.”

It should be assumed that the Pole somehow was mysteriously transferred to his home, because I have wanted to be home, and he no conscious effort for this not taken. If this could happen so spontaneously, why teleportation can’t happen for strong-willed?

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