The plane’s passenger shot a UFO video over Mexico

The witness claims that he recorded this video when he was aboard a passenger liner from San Diego to Denver and specifically at the time when the plane crossed the Mexican border with the United States and was above La Rumorosa.

La Rumoros is a small town in the municipality of Tekate in Mexico, part of the state of Baja California. The population is 1615 people.

Geographically located on the coordinates 32º32’06 “N and 116º03’00” W; its height is 1232 meters above sea level.

The video is amazing, because for a few seconds you can see that the cylindrical ship is flying at high speed over La Rumorosa, while hundreds of UFOs are disk-shaped or saucer-shaped, hang in the air, as if waiting for this unknown object flying at high speed .

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