The real story about contact with aliens

UFO – unidentified flying objects, all know the acronym, and many have witnessed the emergence not only of UFOs and aliens. We present to your attention the most in documented cases of such meetings.

Men from Socorro. USA, 1964.

April 24, police officer Lonnie Zamora of Socorro, new Mexico, noticed exceeding the speed of the vehicle. He’s already caught up with the offender, when from above came the roar. Looked up at the sky. Saw bluish and orange flame, the top is more narrow than the bottom. Lonnie could not see where to beat the flames prevented the setting sun.

Police stopped the chase and turned onto the road leading to the top of the hill. The road was bad, but the ascent is so steep that only on the third attempt, he went to the top. During this time, the roar had to stop.

In the ravine close by stood a brilliant object in the form of balls made of metal of a whitish color similar to aluminum. Zamora saw two feet and the red sign on the Board that resembled the letter a with two additional features. There’s a COP noticed he was not alone:

I saw beside the two small figures in white, dressed in something like coveralls. They stood and sort of considered the body. One of the creatures turned his head, apparently hearing or seeing the car. It noticed me, because when he turned and looked in my direction, as if you jumped in surprise.

Lonnie Zamora (far left) and representatives of the air force on the landing of a UFO.

While Zamora was out of the car, disappeared. He went to the egg, but then there was a loud roar that began at low frequencies, then out loud just became unbearably loud. Under the object burst into flame, and he began to climb up.

Zamora feared that the object might explode, and ran, and then lay down and covered his head with his hands. When the roar stopped, the officer looked up again. UFO soundlessly a few feet above the ground, Then got up and disappeared in the distance.

Zamora approached the car and summoned police station. He asked NEPA of Lopeza to look out the window. When Lopez asked what he should see, Zamora explained: It’s like a balloon. But Lopez couldn’t see the window of his room looked out to the North.

At the landing site were traces of four pillars, charred bushes and traces of the aliens themselves. The roar, as it turned out, were heard on the southern outskirts of Socorro. Three men – not from among the residents of the city said that he saw egg-shaped UFO, which almost took the roof of their car.

FBI agent Arthur Bernes, who participated in the investigation, confirmed that personally knows Zamora. In his official report says that an eyewitness can be described as a man of sober, industrious, honest and not prone to fantasies. Zamora was completely sober, but very excited with what happened to him.

Later, the investigator from the air force asked that Lonnie changed his testimony. This, they say, should help to weed out the crooks and crazies, who will say that he saw such an object. After the conversation, Zamora began to draw another sign – hemisphere with an arrow inside.

Character aboard a UFO seen by Zamora: the real (left) and garbled at the request of the military (right).

The declassified documents of the U.S. air force and the FBI incident, Lonnie Zamora is still considered unidentified.

Intercept a UFO over Tehran. Iran, 1976.

Late in the evening of 18 September, the people of Tehran saw a strange object. Several residents called the airport to Mehrabad. Manager Hussein Perusi came out to see what was the matter.

I saw a rectangular shape object, 7-8 m in length and about two meters wide, he said. – Examining it closely, I can say that it was probably cylindrical. At the ends of the pulsating whitish-blue light, and around the middle part of the cylinder around the circle ran the red light.

At 12.30 the night of 19 September Perusi called the duty officer of the air force. He notified the authorities. General Nader Yousefi went to the balcony and saw a UFO which then began to emit a bright white light.

UFO over Tehran. Sketch of the witness.

Further developments were described in a report sent by the military attache of the U.S. Embassy Lieutenant Colonel Olyne MOU to the White House and other agencies:

At 01.30 on September 19 in the air was raised the F-4… Because the object shone a bright light, it was clearly visible from a distance of 70 miles. When the fighter approached to a distance of 25 miles, it broke down all the devices and communication systems. Then the pilot stopped the action to intercept and turned back. When the F-4 turned away from the object and apparently was not for him threats, devices and communication systems working again.

10 minutes later when the UFO again changed the character of the glow, the military decided to make a second attempt interception. This time at the helm of a fighter sat the commander of the squadron Lieutenant Pervez Jafari.

Iranian Newspapers in Farsi and English reported a UFO on the front pages.

The size of the object was difficult to determine due to its intense glow, – reads the report of MOU. – The light gave up flashing rectangular pulses with alternating blue, green, red and orange colors… Signals are alternated so fast that all colors could be seen at the same time. The object and the F-4 chasing him, flying South, when the object was separated another brightly lit object… He took a course on the F-4, moving with great speed. The pilot tried to release a rocket on it, but at this moment came down the remote fire control and communication systems… Then the pilot has completed the turn and went into a dive to evade. After reversal, the object began to pursue it at a distance of 3-4 miles. While the fighter continues to move away from the first object, the second object crossed the trajectory of a turn and then returned to the first object again connected with him.

In 2007 Jafari, already a retired General, confirmed:

I approached the object that flashed bright lights – red, green, orange and blue. They were so bright that I couldn’t see his body. The flashes followed each other very often, like at the disco. We got his radar – he was 25 miles. The size of the label on the screen was comparable with the mark from the tanker Boeing 707. During the observation from the main subject separated four smaller UFOs of different shapes. When they were around, the guns went down, and the radio scored interference. One of them flew in my direction. I thought it was a rocket. Wanted to release him towards the heat-seeking missile, but the control panel start-up failed. Another UFO followed me when I returned. One landed on open ground, emitting a bright light that was visible the entire area.

The report oline MOU confirms that a small UFO landed softly and very brightly lit area with a radius of about 2-3 kilometers. All this is seen not only military pilots, but pilots of civil aviation, who was in the airspace above Tehran.

Page from the report of Lieutenant Colonel Olin MOU.

The government of Iran appealed for help not only to US but also to the Soviet Union. In a telegram addressed to the President of the Council of Ministers Alexei Kosygin, was a curious passage, which is not reflected in the report of the MOU: from UFO landing, came two speaking in a strange language giant creatures. They then got back into the ship and flew away.

Flying horror Texas. USA, 1980

December 29, the owner of the restaurant Betty the Cache was passing near the town of Huffman. 51-year-old Betty was not alone: in the car sat the Wiki to Landry, who worked as a waitress, and her 7-year-old grandson Colby.

Colby first saw a bright light above the trees. Soon everyone realized that the object is flying straight at them. Betty sped off, but the UFO was faster. It hovered over the road in front of the car, spewing flames from the bottom.

Hovering object in the shape of two connected vertices of the cones or the large dome with a cone beneath was more of the car. He from time to time shot down sheaves of fire with a hissing sound, and rose above, and when the fire is not erupted, as if settled. The housing was silver, at the widest part of the circle was a small blue lights.

All three got out of the car to get a better look of the UFO and felt a strong heat. Colby roared, begging to get back in the car and hide from the object. Wiki yielded to the entreaty of his grandson and called Betty. But she looked, not looking up and not paying attention to the skin scorching heat.

Finally, the UFO flew up and away. Betty, waking up, approached the car and… couldn’t get it to open: handle was too hot. Had to wrap the palm of his jacket.

UFO obzhegshis three (reconstruction).

At this moment over the forest, a host of helicopters. They flew from all sides, as if trying to surround the UFO. Among them was a heavy truck and a small single-rotor machines. There were at least 20. Most swirled around slowly flying UFO, others followed clear systems.

Betty drove Vicki and Colby to their house and went home, feeling worse and worse. Her skin was flushed, as if from severe sunburn, a swollen neck, face, head and eyelids began to appear blisters. Started vomiting. By morning, Betty fell into almost a coma. Vickie and Colby experienced the same, but in a milder form: they are smaller outside of the machine.

3 Jan 1981, Betty was in the hospital. Burns and blisters so changed her appearance that friends who came to visit the sick, were unable to learn. Her hair started to fall out, the eyelids were swollen so that she remained blind for a week. Vicki also lost 40% of the hair, and Colby had only one strand, which soon grows again.

Since Betty did not get out of hospitals. In 1981, she was in the hospital five times, with two of them in intensive care. She couldn’t get out of the house in the sunlight, sources of heat caused her severe pain. She lived for 18 years, occasionally getting in the intensive care unit, and only the doctor extended her life. December 29, 1998, the anniversary of a contact, Betty died.

Vicki was also unable to work after the fateful day. Scars, blisters and lost hair can not be combined with the profession of a waitress, but that was not important: she started to go blind, replacing three pairs of glasses. The operation helped to stop the process, but the remainder of her eyesight was bad. She died 12 September 2007.

Colby also had problems with his eyesight, but was replaced by only one pair of glasses – he’s less staring at a UFO.

Affected women decided to go to court. They filed a lawsuit against the US government in the amount of $ 20 million. The process lasted until 1986, when the claim was denied. Judge Ross sterling said: No one government Department has never been an aircraft matching the description. But if a UFO was not American, case closed. The question of who owned the helicopters and why they flew close to the UFO, the court was not raised.

Close contact with the alfalfa. France, 1981

In the afternoon of 8 January, a UFO landed near a country house two kilometres from the village of TRANS-EN-Provence. The investigation of this incident conducted a government – study Group of unidentified aerospace phenomena (GEPAN) at the National space centre, France.

The only witness was a 55-year-old Renato Nicolai interviewed by police at the scene:

My attention was attracted by a gentle sound, like a whistle. I turned and saw the object. The device looked like two stacked plates together bottoms out. He was about 1.5 meters tall, lead color. Then under him when he was leaving, I saw the round protrusions – probably landing fixtures or supports, and two round, similar to the shape of the folding hatches.

UFO in TRANS-EN-Provence (figure witness) as

During the landing he began to emit another whistling, a constant and solid. Then rose up and quickly flew away to the North-East. He raised some dust when off the ground. I was about 30 metres. Then went and saw a circular footprint with a diameter of about two meters.

All the observation lasted 30-40 seconds.

Forty days after landing a trace in the form of a ring with an inner diameter of 2.25 m and an external 2.5 m was still visible. According to the calculations, a UFO weighed 4 to 5 tons, and the ground was heated to 300-600°C. Scientists came to the conclusion that the trail is fully confirmed by the testimony of the witness.

The National agronomic research Institute found that the plants were subjected to biochemical changes – the more, the closer they were located to the center of the track. In the leaves of alfalfa with the collapsed 30-50 percent of chlorophyll. Biochemist Michelle Bounias stated that Lucerne, like artificially aged, and this phenomenon resembles nothing known on the planet.

UFO in TRANS-EN-Provence (reconstruction).

This is the first case involving a UFO that can be recognized from a scientific point of view, confirms Professor Jean-Pierre Petit. – Need to take seriously the hypothesis that it is a spacecraft, which cannot be of terrestrial origin.

Giant nut over Alaska. USA, 1986

On 17 November a 747 Japanese airlines JAL, flying Reykjavik-Tokyo, flew over Alaska. Around 5 PM local time the pilot Kenya Terauchi noticed at a distance of 1.8 km twin columns of light. The pilot asked the dispatcher at anchorage to see if there are nearby other aircraft. Earth replied that there is no one nearby.

Suddenly a UFO came close. Terauchi saw two black cylinder with rotating rows of amber lights that do not cast shadows. Soon on the radar screen of the plane had a label that went next. Kenya asked the Manager to make maneuvers to escape from the chasers. Permission was granted because of a UFO seen on the radar screens of control center in anchorage and air force base in Elmendorf. The plane dipped and made a few turns, but the lights, not behind, followed him.

Sketch K. Terauchi. The inscription in Japanese: 1 – the size of a aircraft carrier 2 – a silhouette of a UFO that I saw through the lights of Fairbanks 3 – pale white lights 4 – at least 1.5-2 times 5 – our plane.

Then Terauchi noticed that the air is some kind of huge mass. It was a UFO in the shape of a walnut, the size of two aircraft carrier. The co-pilot and flight engineer saw a large UFO – it is not shone and was only visible against the city lights. However, the crew was amazed by the speed of small objects and their ability to quickly change direction. When they disappeared from sight, flight 1628 landed safely in anchorage.

Representatives of the Federal aviation administration (FAA) interviewed the crew and said that all the pilots conducted themselves professionally, rationally and were not under the influence of alcohol or drugs. When the story was leaked to the press, representatives of the air force admitted that their radar detected an object at the same time as the onboard radar on the Boeing. Equipment FАА recorded that the UFO was near the 747 for 32 minutes.

Kenya Terauchi shows how he tried to break away from the object.

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