The remains of the dinosaur were found in the jungle of South America?

This is not a fictional one, but the real story “Jurassic Park”, only not in the cinema, but in reality.

A group of local residents stumbled upon the fresh remains of the creature in appearance similar to the real dinosaur. At least his head is certainly very similar to the predator that died out millions of years ago. Only it turns out that the dinosaurs did not die out and live somewhere in the jungle of the jungle, inaccessible to humans …

Or maybe this is a consequence of experiments conducted by representatives of extraterrestrial civilization? After all, there are well-known cases when aliens kidnap various animals, spend with them, some unthinkable experiments, and then drop them from ships as useless.

Repeatedly recorded cases where huge distances from the ocean were found dead dolphins and whales with traces of surgical intervention, all done with the help of some laser instruments.

This creature is a hybrid of a dinosaur and some predator. This can be judged by the head clearly having all the signs of a dinosaur and over the spine, long curiously curved forelimbs and hind legs that are more likely to fit into a predator and now living on our planet.

Or maybe it is that very creature, awful and elusive, which many saw, but who could not catch it – Chupacabra? This monster reportedly found his people, they found in South America in the jungle near the settlement of Aisen in Chile.

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