The ruins of an ancient civilization space bases on the Moon

These photos of the ruins of an alien base on the moon are in the open access, and there are clearly visible pieces of – hexagonal columns, also various instruments and bas-relief inscriptions on the ruins of the walls. The most prominent sign is N:4 and Roman numeral IV from which it can be concluded, that the ruins near the crater Giordano Bruno, belong to the ancient lunar base number 4.

I do not publish the results of my studying the area of the Moon from photographs LROC mission for the first time but constantly confront with a strange phenomenon, the vast majority of people simply cannot see of any debris walls, or hexagonal columns or inscriptions on the photographs. They really do not see anything. But personally for me these inscriptions, columns and other artifacts of artificial origin are clearly visible and their presence is obvious. What is the cause of strange blindness of the other people? Maybe it’s the unpreparedness of consciousness to the perception of the shocking information or it is some kind of a brain lock, I do not know.

Once again, I am trying to convey to people the fact that on the surface of the moon in the past existed bases of unknown origin. Actually, judging by the enormous size of these structures and various artifacts, assuming that the original photograph, taken from a flying satellite in the orbit of the Moon is 100 meters per pixel, that is equal to about a millimeter on the original photos, this structure is of gigantic proportions and no modern civilization simply cannot build it. And the fact that the Moon underwent cosmic bombardment, the purpose of which was to destroy the lunar bases of unknown civilization, these events took place prior to our modern culture.

I will not go into the hypotheses who were the Giants who built these bases on the Moon and who turned out to be stronger than them and was able to destroy them. We can find enough such hypotheses, legends of ancient sources to draw the appropriate conclusions. Just once again I ask you to look closely at the photos and videos so you could see what I see there.

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