The South of Russia fell asleep with yellow snow

Residents of several regions in southern Russia are discussing precipitation in the form of rain and snow, painted in an unusual yellow-brown color that fell on 23 and 24 March, in Rostov-on-Don and some municipalities of the Don region. Photos of cars with brown divorces on the body and glasses filled public spaces.

– This night in the Rostov region there were precipitations in the form of snow with red dust, – writes, for example, Rostov Oleg L. in the signature to the photo of the car laid out in the popular Internet community with traces of this same dust. – It was noticed not only here, on the Don, but all over the Southern Federal District! From her skin began to peel on her fingers and a cough appeared! Feels like a brick, frayed into dust, but as it turned out to be on all smooth surfaces, it’s an interesting question, now I’m 35 km from the Ukrainian border and the west wind is blowing …

Among the two versions that are most popular with online commentators, an explosion allegedly occurred at a chemical plant in the neighboring Krasnodar Territory and natural anomalies.

A similar phenomenon, by the way, last Friday really noticed and in the Kuban.

– We are now in Loo, here also all day yesterday, dust flew, too, cars in it, but about peeling of the skin and coughing – that, of course. exaggeration – everything is fine, – write Krasnodar.

– Near Sochi, “Rosa Khutor”, the snowy slopes turned yellow, – echo them vacationers in the popular resort.

Meanwhile, in the Kuban Emergencies Ministry, rumors of an explosion at a chemical plant in Belorechensk were denied (this plant most often appeared in panic news about “brown rain”):

– There have been no reports of explosions in the territory of the Krasnodar Territory in the Ministry of Emergency Situations, “the rescue department said. – The information spread in social networks is a fake.

But after a short pause, meteorologists gave a clear comment explaining the phenomenon (it’s a pity, it’s true, it’s not immediately):

– Indeed, on Friday there were precipitation in the form of snow and rain of red and brown colors, – noted in the regional Hydrometeorological Center. – The reason – in the cloud front, which came to the south of Russia from the Mediterranean Sea, Crete and North Africa, where sandstorms were recorded shortly before. The dust particles condense in the atmosphere, so the rain has passed.

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