The story of a boy who traveled in time

This story began in 1987. and learned about it in the 90’s when the Hong Kong newspaper published a story about a strange boy named Jung Li Cheng. It was an ordinary boy with the exception of one – he claimed that he arrived at 87 from the past.

It would seem who would believe him, but the point is. that this boy perfectly spoke the ancient Chinese language and knew such details from the biography of the ancient rulers and the history of the Celestial Empire, of which not every eminent scientist knew. And his knowledge concerned the distant past not only of China, but also of Japan.

So Jung got to the scientists who conducted a series of studies with him and wrote down his stories trying to compare them with the facts already known to science from the ancient history of the country. it turned out that everything is the same and more. the boy’s stories filled huge gaps in the historical past of China and Japan that scientists could not even dream about.

It is also worth noting the mysterious appearance of this boy, who was found on one of the streets aimlessly wandering and surprised looking around, and his clothes are even more amazing – it was clothing inherent in the ancient inhabitants of China and the subsequent analysis of it only confirmed this.

Historian Ing Ingh Shao spent months in the archives reading ancient tales, comparing the stories of the boy with him and was amazed at how aware this kid is of the mysteries of the history of the past. Moreover, in one of the ancient books the scientist came across the boy’s name – everything was the same, age, clothing, appearance and name.

It turned out that this boy was from a noble family and even was honored description of the chronicler. Scientists are already looking forward to what else knowledge can get from this traveler in time, when suddenly in May 1998 the mysterious Jung Li Cheng suddenly disappeared.

And he disappeared from the protected scientific complex, as if he simply evaporated in the air. But the story did not end there. Ingh Shao continued searching for the boy’s name in ancient archival records, folios, scrolls and books and discovered what he was looking for.

In one of the books was written about a boy named Jung Li Cheng, who suddenly disappeared and was no longer hoping to meet him alive, but he suddenly returned after 10 years and claimed that he visited the future and was in 1987, saw flying iron birds, mirrors in which they showed what is happening in the world, and people live in huge boxes resting in the sky so big they are, about the boxes that are buzzing and driving people through the streets and how they carried it in an iron snake flying from city to city at great speed.

The story ended sadly. Nobody believed the boy. Everyone decided that he was kidnapped and held somewhere in captivity from which he went insane. The doctors began to treat him and three weeks later Jung Lee died suddenly.

The sad story is that, having moved from the past to the future, he saw amazing things, but in the future no one believed his stories about the past, and in the past he was not credited with stories about the future. The boy was incredibly able to overcome space and time, but for him it all ended badly …

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