The terrible sounds scared the inhabitants of Iran

The locals were very frightened by strange and eerie sounds coming from somewhere, but which were very loud and frightening. Reports of strange sounds came from the city of Astara.

Astara is a city in the northwest of Iran in the province of Gilan, the administrative center of Shastrestan Astara. The port on the Caspian Sea.

Simple people immediately remembered the words from the Koran:

Sura 74 (Al-Mudessaire). Ayats 8-10:

“When the trumpet voice is heard, that day will be hard, not easy for non-believers”

By the way, about this phrase from the Koran, there is another interpretation of it, since in Arabic the word “Pipes” is “Sur”, and in this text it is written “Nakur” and not “Sur”, then it turns out like this:

“When the sound comes from Naqur, that day will be a day of grave, not easy for unbelievers”

What does Nukyr and Nakur mean in Arabic?

1) Nukyr – means Pulling like (trunk) or bird’s beak acquiring a spiral shape.

2) Nakura – a) Sucking, absorbing Great power

B) The publisher (deafening terrible) sound.

Muhammad said: “One of the signs of the Mahdi will be Sound from heaven, which people will hear in both the West and the East.”

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