The train passengers took a UFO in the Vladimir region of Russia

The witness of the incident was Anna Bandakova, who was traveling on a passenger train through the territory of the Vladimir region on the Nizhny Novgorod-Moscow train.

According to the story of a woman who witnessed the appearance of a UFO, this unidentified object of white color she noticed, when the train drove through the city of Vladimir. She drew attention to the fact that the UFO follows a parallel course of railroad tracks along which the train was moving.

It is interesting that above the flight trajectory of this UFO, the inversion trail from some aircraft flying in the same direction is clearly visible. The UFO flew lower and was observed by the passengers of the train for 20 minutes.

Accordingly, we can assume that the speed of this object was quite high. According to eyewitnesses, this object did not look like an airplane, as they observed planes and aircraft during their travels, but they clearly had wings, tail and side lights, but there was nothing like that on an unidentified object.

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