The UFO crash in the American city of Aurora 1897

One of the most famous incidents in the new history associated with the advent of UFOs in the firmament of our planet is the incident in the town of Aurora (USA, Texas). The story took place on April 17, 1897. Then there lived a total of 3 thousand local residents …

In 1897, in prints, often appeared on the various appearances in the skies of Europe and North America, cigar-like air devices of unknown origin, circling in the sky, and then completely evaporated in the atmosphere. Such newspaper materials aroused furious interest of the public, as the century of the industrial revolution began, and the people expected man-made miracles from scientists and pioneers.

April 19, 1897 local newspaper Dallas Morning News published an article about the incident in the town of Aurora, composed by a local resident and freelance journalist S. Haydon. Let’s bring it all in order that you have a full idea of ​​this emergency.

“About six o’clock in the morning on April 17, 1897 adherents to listen to the cock crowing of the city of Aurora were suddenly shocked by the appearance in the blue of the sky of an unknown air vehicle that was slowly floating over the city. The cigar apparatus was heading north, sailing at a low altitude, much lower than the airships do.

Obviously, some mechanisms on the air car failed, since the aircraft flew at a low speed from 20 to 30 km / h. In addition, the machine always tried to land. The problems were obvious to everyone. The ship sailed over the central square and retired to the northern outskirts of the city. There he encountered the building on Judge Proctor’s estate, it was a windmill tower. The air car met with a noise with the mill and immediately disintegrated into many parts, after which there was a deafening force of the explosion. After that the mill itself broke up. Parts of the airship scattered over an area of ​​several acres, destroying the excellent garden of Mr. Proctor. In the airplane was only one pilot. His body was disfigured by the explosion. ”

At the scene of the crash was a military liaison officer T. Weems from the nearby town of Fort Worth, who, having inspected the pilot, issued his verdict: “This is a Martian.” It is interesting that in other US newspapers this incident was not even mentioned. But the residents of Aurora respected the body of the Martian with deepest respect, burying him in the local cemetery with observance of all Christian customs.

But back to our history. Just before the incident in Aurora, several misfortunes and troubles struck this city, but not abnormal. Shortly before that, there was a crop failure due to the powerful invasion of the cotton weevil. Then in the western part of the town there was a severe fire, which took several dozen lives and destroyed the whole residential quarter of the city. To top it all off, a pandemic of typhus struck the Aurora, taking away about a thousand lives.

At that time, not far from the Aurora railway was carried, meaning to lead to a separate branch in the city. But because of these incidents the branch was never held. It is said that the author of that article in the Dallas Morning News Haydon wrote an article in the newspaper to pin attention to the problems of a small town. Plus, he was known as a huge humorist.

Investigation of the incident

However, here also some minor details of the incident have been opened, which do not give ufologists the right to simply brush aside this case. In the city archives of Aurora, evidence has been preserved pointing to the grave in the local cemetery, where an unknown person is buried (there were also fragments of an air vehicle).

The next day after the crash, the Aurora arrived military, who took the most active part in the collection of wreckage of an air ship. But the analysis of the devastation was already begun by the working judges of Proctor, who dumped the wreckage of the car into an abandoned well near the broken mill. On one of the large fragments of the aircraft, they found some inscriptions that were made by unknown hieroglyphs. Over the deciphering of the characters for a long time and to no avail the specialists worked, but nothing was deciphered.

In the sixties they found personal records of a certain traveler who, in 1897, traveled to Aurora and described some scenes of searches at the site of the catastrophe. He wrote that it was very difficult to determine the exact dimensions and power of this machine from the distorted and burned pieces of the airplane sheathing. And the pieces of metal resembled an alloy of aluminum and silver. It did not seem likely to establish the approximate power of its engines. Experts agreed that the machine was supposed to weigh several tons.

In the middle of the 20th century

In the 60s of the XX century interest in this extraordinary history again surfaced. On local television and today, video recordings of interviews with some Mary Evans and Charlie Stephens – the original inhabitants of the Aurora. Mary at the time of the disaster was 15 years old, Charlie – 10 years. Mary told how early in the morning a big ship swam in the sky (she herself did not see it, but her friends described it in detail). Then she heard an explosion and ran out into the yard. Her father was just about to go to the mill to help put out the fire that had started. Mary wanted to go to the scene of the accident with her father, but he slapped her in the crack and ordered to stay at home.

Charlie was more lucky. He happily told the TV reporter how a huge cigar-shaped apparatus, smoking, approached the city. Then the father sent him to the shed to feed the poultry, and the guy did not see the moment of his collision with the mill. Although later he was on ruins and even saw pieces of iron parts of an air vehicle.

It is necessary to explain that, since 1970, several large-scale researches on the famous incident took place on the US television. For more than a hundred years, the city of Aurora has changed little. The only thing that is alarming is that the tiles on the streets of the city are identical to those that are placed on the take-off strips of airfields.
Also raises questions ufologists and the fact that local authorities do not allow scientists to exhume an unknown tomb in the local cemetery, where by all indications lie the remains of an alien.

Earlier on this grave was a small table with the inscription “Tomb of an Unknown Being”. Scientists in the 60s of the XX century fixed magnetic waves coming from under the ground, as several fragments of the ship were placed in the grave with the body of the pilot. At the same time, this group of scientists sent a service letter to the US government asking them to allow them to exhume the body for scientific purposes. But the government sharply denied scholars, they were forbidden even to approach the grave. At the same time, the slab disappeared from the burial, and later the experts could not catch the instruments with magnetic signals coming from the ground. Apparently, someone worked in this place.

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