The unbroken log on Lake Creutere

For a hundred years the mysterious trunk of the tree is floating vertically in Lake Creight in Orgegon – and is driving everyone crazy. The log 9 meters long became so famous that it is called the Grandpa of the lake.

For the first time about a tree trunk tsuga reported in 1902, when Lake Creuter became a national park. The geologist Joseph Diller recalled that he saw the log 6 years before.

Figure “Grandfather”, published in 1938. © Nature Notes from Crater Lake National Park, Vol. XI, No. 3 (September 1938).

Crushed and burned in the sun, Grandpa, which is 60 cm wide, rises 1.2 meters above the surface of the lake.

Lake Creight is the ninth deepest lake in the world, with a maximum depth of 594 meters. It is so deep that it would fit the Ostankino TV tower.

A scanty stump, the age of which scientists estimate at 450 years old, is constantly moving – the tree has floated thousands of kilometers since it was first seen.

Naturalist John Dorr spent three months monitoring log movements in 1938, noting that “Grandfather travels a lot, and sometimes surprisingly quickly.” From July 1 to September 30, Grandpa overcame 100 kilometers, and on one particularly windy day – 6 kilometers.

Tourists come to Oregon specifically to see a unique phenomenon. “Grandpa is a character and a story, part of the park,” says biologist Scott Gerdner. – There is something soothing in it. He carries the wind, but does not shake the waves. “

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