Two fighters pursued a UFO in the sky over Italy

A lot of eyewitnesses reported seeing a bright UFO which was pursued by two Italian air force fighters in the sky over the province of Biella, located in northwestern Italy.

An unusual event occurred late Wednesday evening. According to eyewitnesses in the evening sky appeared a large and bright unidentified flying object behind which at full speed flew two military aircraft.

The object changed direction and the fighters with a deafening roar just made a maneuver and began to pursue it. All that happened was seen by so many people who started calling the police and authorities with questions about what is happening, that the authorities were forced to send a request to the military for what reason the military aircraft are flying over the city, but the Italian Air Force ignored these requests.

Thousands of people claim to have seen a UFO clearly and in great detail, describe it as a glowing white and blue object flying at great speed. At the moment, there is no official statement of the Italian authorities on this incident.

In this regard, the deputy Francesco Bonoma and Senator Mauro Marino announced their intention to raise the issue in the Italian parliament. They intend to obtain clear answers from the military – two military aircraft of the Air Force flew in the area at the specified time and why, for what purpose. Whether they pursued an object and if so what kind of object it was.

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