Two UFOs fell from space to Kazakhstan

An unusual event occurred tonight in the West Kazakhstan region where many eyewitnesses at night observed the fall of a glowing object that collapsed into the Kazakh steppes.

Eyewitnesses reported that the object falling glowed, flashes of smoke and smoke could be seen. After the fall of the UFO, a natural fire broke out at the crash site. A fire brigade left the fire at four o’clock in the morning, which was extinguishing the burning steppe.

After extinguishing the fire in the steppe, the site of the fall of the UFO, which became the cause of the steppe fire, was discovered. The object measures 3 by 3 meters, the edges are melted. According to representatives of the administration of the Kaztalovsky district, the object collapsed 15 kilometers from the settlement of Karasu and 16 kilometers from the village Zhuldyz.

A police squad was sent to the place of the fall 300 meters from the Zhalpakatal-Karasu highway. The police found a metal ball with a hatch. The diameter is three meters. The surface is soft, feels like a cloth. At a distance of about a kilometer, the police found another object in the form of a ball, but smaller diameter.

The police report indicates that after the fall of unidentified objects on the territory of the district, there were interruptions in cellular communications, telephone communication and local communication. At the site of the fall, a deep funnel was formed in the center of which the fallen object is located, fragments are scattered around it.

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