UFO disappears in the invisible portal

The user of our site sent us a video that he made for testing the new Sony xz premium phone, which is capable of shooting 960 frames per second, but only for a short time.

When watching a video made by the author on August 6, 2017 in the Vologda region of Russia, he found an unidentified flying object flying across the sun disk and sent a video to us.

I made the processing of this video, slowing down the playback and increasing the flying object. As a result, we managed to find out that the object moved at a very high speed and has a fairly large size, given the distance from the camera to the subject. The most interesting thing is that this object appears, then disappears for a moment behind the light of the solar disk, but just before the entrance to the zone of bright sunlight from the object, a glimpse appears from below, which appears as a result of the strong sunlight shining on its surface, then the object appears Because of the solar disk and almost immediately disappears.

The fact that the object does not continue moving but disappears excludes the possibility that it is fluff or a balloon, which in that case would simply continue its movement.

In addition to this UFO, just above and to the left of the solar disk, one can consider another object, similar to the first, which moves up from the sun with a slight slant to the left. The presence of the second object, shows that both objects are moving not in the direction of the air flows, but using their own draft force.

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