UFO flying in front of a taking off airliner

On August 26, 2020 in Yorkshire, Northern England, a dark gray disc-shaped UFO flew in front of a passenger airliner to take off.

The UFO flies at a very high speed and compared to its movement, the airliner simply hangs in the air, motionless while the UFO flies right in front of it.

The size of a UFO can be estimated by the example of the size of an aircraft and the object is quite large, the size of a car. It is interesting that the object had a large diameter with the tower control tower, it was not visually observed and the airfield radars did not detect it.

If the lack of visual observation can be explained by the tremendous speed at which the UFO moves, then the lack of radar readings can be attributed to the technology of “invisibility” used by these aircraft.

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