UFO group accompanied Kaliningrad-Moscow flight

One of the passengers of the Kaliningrad-Moscow flight witnessed the appearance of a UFO group accompanying a passenger plane.

As the eyewitness himself during the flight, he noticed something unusual in the sky flying parallel to the course of the airliner, and already at home slowing the video made at that time found that the plane was accompanied by unidentified flying objects.

On the original video, a disk-like UFO flying parallel to a course is clearly visible. Light color and large enough. Given the distance on which the UFO was from the aircraft, its size is likely to exceed the size of the airliner.

In addition to this most notable UFO on the record are visible objects of dark color that fly from the bottom up almost next to the plane and at a very large, even can say – huge speed.

I want to focus your attention on the fact that everything happens at an altitude of 10 thousand meters or 10 kilometers from the surface of the earth. It is at this altitude that passenger planes fly. At this altitude, the most optimal air density for terrestrial aircraft, which is necessary for the normal operation of engines and the creation of a lift.

If you lift the aircraft higher to a height of 12 to 15 kilometers, then it can fly only at supersonic speed, to ensure sufficient lift, and at such speeds, the passenger airliner will simply fall apart. The optimal speed of the passenger aircraft is in the range from 800 to 950 kilometers per hour.

Black UFO apparently does not matter the density of air as it flies at a tremendous speed almost vertically up past the plane. Modern technology can not create such a device with such a huge traction and flying at such huge speeds with such incredible overloads.

Earth technology has not yet developed, but apparently in our sky there are objects of extraterrestrial civilization technologically superior to our many times.

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