UFO in Pyatigorsk

This month I rested in Pyatigorsk, walked around the surrounding mountains, ridges and hills, climbed Mount Mashuk on foot and of course took many photographs. Already at home, scanning the footage, discovered an unidentified flying object – a UFO.

Interestingly, in that place from the same angle, I made a row 3 photos in a short time in a few seconds and with a slight offset, an increase in the view of Mashuk Mountain on top of which the cable car station is visible.

In the first two photographs there is nothing unusual, but on the third one you can clearly see a horseshoe-shaped object flying along the mountain. The resolution of the original photos is 4032×2272, but for the convenience of viewing I reduced them, but the object itself was cut out separately without decreasing, and in several photographs it was enlarged and applied various filters.

What attracts attention:

1) Unusual shape of the object, which is similar in shape to an inverted horseshoe or magnet.

2) Unusual color distribution on the object, which completely does not correspond to natural illumination in a given area of ​​the terrain. The front part of the object is completely black, like the visible right lateral part of it, but the upper part in the recess is very light, there is a separate light source visible when magnified.

3) The shape of the object is not perfectly smooth and clear, it has protrusions on the upper edges, but unfortunately despite the good resolution of the image, the shape of the object is slightly blurred and it is difficult to clearly define its true structure. Although my camera has good parameters and a flying high-altitude passenger plane sees quite well.

4) The blurriness of the object, indicates the unknown radiation emanating from it, or the fact that during the photographing, the given object moved quickly enough to lubricate its contours a little.

5) Visually, I did not observe the object, which indicates that it really moved quickly for the human eye. It is a great pity that I did not see it and did not make an increase to the object, that it would be better to consider it.

6) Judging by the comparison of the sizes of the surrounding objects and this UFO, we can conclude that it has quite impressive dimensions, as I could not see it visually I will not attach it.

This is Pyatigorsk riddle. If I find on the pictures taken, something interesting, I’ll tell you about it.

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