UFO in the sky over the city of Taylor in Michigan, USA

In Michigan, a recent flight and explosion of a large meteorite occurred, the explosion power was 100 tons in TNT, but there was another event that same night, but if an explosion and explosion were observed in New Haven, an abnormal UFO activity was observed in Taylor. Can both these events be interrelated?

Taylor is a very small city, but it is always visited by presidents, it was done by Bush, Obama and Clinton. 3 of the president visited this small city, what is it so important?

On the night of January 16, 2018, the surveillance camera recorded very strange events in the night sky over Taylor. First, a large UFO appears, which moves forward and backward, then the number of UFOs increases to five and they continue to fly forward and backward at the same altitude.

Judging by the bright light emanating from the objects, they were in the upper layers of the atmosphere and the glare was created by the sunlight falling on them. Can this large UFO, located in the upper atmosphere, or even in orbit, accompanied by a group of other UFOs and caused a mysterious explosion over America and it was not a meteorite at all?

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