UFO landed in a mountainous area in Italy

An eyewitness on May 27 this year, filmed a UFO flight and landing in a mountainous area near the city of Bolzano, Italy, in Europe. The fact that this is a UFO is beyond doubt. The object is cylindrical, it moves smoothly towards the mountains, at the back of the cylinder is clearly visible pulsating light emanating from the engine, at some point the UFO just hangs in the air.

Here, as an eyewitness describes:

It was early morning, and he was standing on the porch of the hotel, in which he stopped. He noticed an object flying over the mountains that surround Bolzano. The object did not make any sound. The witness removed the object until it disappeared behind the mountain, and possibly landed on the mountain.

The object was not like any object that he had ever seen, and the fact that he so suddenly stopped in the air convinced him that it was something special, since terrestrial aircraft could not fly without wings or screws, and the more hanging in one place.

The fact that this is not an airplane, a helicopter or any other flying device of the earthly civilization is obviously worth simply reviewing the record of what is happening, to understand that this object uses technologies that are inaccessible to people.

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