UFO near the courthouse in Moscow during the shootout

A shocking story of a shootout in the Mosoblsuda building (Moscow, Russia) where a group of dangerous criminals captured the weapons of the escorted policemen and tried to escape, but thanks to the actions of Rosgvardia’s officers they were destroyed, became very resonant and there were many journalists of various TV channels at the court building.

But this event, as it turned out interesting not only by shooting, but also by the appearance of an unidentified flying object directly in front of the courthouse.

In the story of the Rossiya-24 television channel “Duty Unit”, a small UFO appears in front of the courthouse, a white color that emerges from the lower part of the frame, flies higher, stops, changes its trajectory, flies to the right, then stops again, changes its trajectory and flies upward .

The object is interesting precisely by its trajectory of motion and it is clearly visible that it is not the wind that moves it, but it itself moves changing the speed and direction of movement. In its characteristics, it is similar to the so-called “plasmoids”, energy UFOs consisting of a plasma.

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