UFO noticed over Hastings in Australia

UFO flying in the sky over Hastings, Australia, had a clear flight trajectory and all the signs that it was controlled by intelligent beings.

An eyewitness who made this video that day was taking his mother to work and did not foretell a strange meeting. Coming back, he suddenly saw an unidentified flying object attracting his attention. Stopping the car, he hurried to record what was happening on the video.

As a result, we need to thank this Australian for his observation. On the video you can clearly see the object of disk-like form of the classic “flying saucer”, which at a not very high speed flies in broad daylight at low altitude.

An interesting video on which we really see an object entitled to be called a UFO, since there are no wings or engines for this aircraft and according to the witness, there were no sounds during the flight, this apparatus did not publish.

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