UFO plasmoids over the Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China is a very famous ancient building about which there are many different hypotheses of its origin. But it’s not about her, but about the strange objects flying over it.

This is not a familiar UFO in the general sense of the word. These are not flying saucers with aliens inside. This is something completely different. These are not even bspilotnye alien drones, it’s something – alive. Or more precisely, it behaves like a living being.

Below there is a video where exactly in the area of ​​the Chinese wall the traveler made a video of this historic building using an unmanned aerial vehicle with a camera controlled for it.

The video is interesting in the first place because the camera was of good quality and video, respectively, of high resolution. This is important in this case, because if the camera is worse, these objects would not be visible at all.

Firstly they are very, very, very fast. And at these unthinkable speeds they make incredible abrupt changes in the flight path. Their dimensions are small, with about a tennis ball.

I met such people during my studies and saw them very closely. This is a clot of energy. A ball of energy, a plasma bundle, surrounded by thin shining rays. They do not depend on gravity and can develop any speed even from place to supersonic and make turns at right angles at these speeds. they are also able to pass through material objects without causing them any harm, even through living organisms.

In fact, when they say, “Is there life in the universe,” it should not be searched in far-away space, this other life is already here, just the properties and possibilities of it are such that a person is not able to see this life form, which is so different from terrestrial, that it can not even be compared. except that with a ball lightning which has similar properties and the nature of which, by the way, has not been clarified even in our days.

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