The State Commission recognized the video of a UFO in Turkey as genuine

Luis Elizondo, who most recently worked in the Pentagon as director of the “Alien Threat Identification” program, told reporters that “there is very convincing evidence that we are not alone in the universe.”

Luis’s words can be trusted because he worked for many years at the US State Department and then at the Pentagon, where he personally saw thousands of evidences of the presence of alien aircraft in the sky of the Earth, and not only in the sky, but also in the ocean. The UFOs feature is free movement, both in the atmosphere and under water.

Meetings with UFOs were recorded not only by civilian eyewitnesses, there are many evidences of meetings with UFOs from the military, and these evidence are verified and documented. There were direct contacts between people and aliens, after which alien microchips were found in the contactor’s body.

The video on which the eyewitness managed to capture a UFO-shaped disk with a transparent cabin in the upper part in which the silhouettes of the two pilots of these UFOs are clearly visible was made not so long ago in Turkey and many scientists took it with skepticism, but still this video was analyzed by the Council on Scientific- technical research in Turkey (which is sponsored by the government), and here are the results of this verification – the video is genuine.

The conclusion made in the official conclusion of the state commission sounds so – the video was not subjected to editing, the original record and the object present on the video did exist. Identification of the object is not possible with any similar aircraft using terrestrial technologies, and therefore the definition of a UFO (unidentified flying object) of an unidentified accessory can be applied to this object.

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