UFO was accompanied in flight by the shuttle Atlantis

This historic flight of the shuttle Atlantis was delayed for a long time for various reasons, lightning struck at the launch pad, some other problems prevented the launch, but it still took place on September 9, 2006.

The shuttle traveled to the International Space Station with a crew of six cosmonauts. The purpose of the flight is to continue the construction of the ISS. Expansion of the ISS structures was interrupted by the catastrophe of one of the shuttles in 2003.

The STS-115 mission shuttle arrived at the ISS and installed additional modules, then entered the Earth’s atmosphere for landing, and at that point the shuttle crew found that it was escorted by several UFOs.

This is a rare case when the appearance of a UFO recorded officially and not by anyone from the townsfolk, but by six astronauts of NASA aboard the shuttle. Astronauts report on unknown flying objects accompanying their spaceship. The control center gives the command to videotape unidentified objects.

The shuttle crew itself reports the UFOs as follows:

“The object is articulated, the central body to which, on three sides, small spherical objects are attached to thin and flexible rods, which during the UFO flight change direction and are likely to serve as propulsion and coordinating flight installations.

It’s not like anything that we saw on Earth. The device is not rigid, it is not hard, but it is not soft either. The outer surface resembles a shiny skin with a metallic coating.

Two more unidentified objects have the appearance of rings, the surface is deformed with a metallic tint. ”

The official video posted by NASA shows one of these UFOs that accompanied the shuttle during a flight through the Earth’s atmosphere.

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