UFO was pursued by Russian fighters SU-34

Today I managed to shoot an interesting video, and quite by accident. Seeing two military fighters SU-34 going by a couple, decided to take them off for a video, shot less than a minute, then more as a matter of habit, uploaded the video to the editor and slowed down the playback. The result was amazing, as we managed to capture a real UFO.

The object has a spherical shape and its size is quite small if compared with fighters, but its flight characteristics are superior to these military aircraft at times. What this UFO does is not possible to replicate modern aircraft.

The planes fly from right to left, the object appears behind them on the right side, quickly overtakes both fighter jets and sharply turns in front of them along the way they move, then flies towards them, then stops, makes small movements in different directions, flies slightly back and then Sharply changes the trajectory and flies across the leading fighter, passes a little above it, sharply turns over it, almost over the cockpit of the plane and quickly flies forward in the course of the aircraft.

All these UFO maneuvers accomplish in just 5 seconds! In comparison with this UFO, modern fighters do not fly, but practically stand still.

UFO flying parallel course aircraft, ahead of them, turns, stops, makes a lot of movement while standing almost in the same place, flies back slightly, gaining speed, fly towards and slightly above the plane, takes place almost at the same place on the airplane and fly away in front of him and all that For 5 seconds!

I squeezed everything I could from the video – slowed down, increased, accompanied the object, the speed with which this UFO flies and its location in the frame for only 5 seconds, and the distance does not allow to consider its construction in detail, but the object clearly has a spherical Or the shape of the disc, it turns the surface of the case off from sunlight when you turn it, which indicates its material structure.

To understand what size this UFO was possible to visually compare it with the dimensions of the SU-34, they are – 14.7 m – the wing span, 23.3 m – length and about 6.1 m – height. A visual comparison gives the approximate dimensions of a UFO within 1 meter.

Even with a relatively large size of the object up to 1 meter, due to the huge speed at which it moved, the pilots of both fighters simply did not see it, although it flew by the side near it, and then flew to the cockpit of the pilot and turned over it and flew literally between Or next to the tail of the fighter coming first.

The SS-34 radars apparently did not record the object either, because there was no reaction from the pilots to the dangerous maneuvers of the unidentified flying object near the aircraft.

Watch the video in maximum resolution with an increase to the full screen, the belief is the most real UFO.

Look and think. To us, scientists and all the world’s media constantly write about the fact that it is dangerous to seek alien civilizations, that they are only asleep and see how to capture our planet. So here they are already here and for a long time, and this is a fact. Would you like to seize the land, is it a big problem with their technology level?
That’s what this UFO knocked down two SU-34, given that it took only 5 seconds for all of its maneuvers, it would have been 1 second. The pilots did not even understand what had happened, except that they were flying, when they were already falling. And the same can easily be done with all types of weapons available to humanity. Nuclear missiles, ships, aircraft, tanks, etc., etc. For this alien civilization on Earth, everything happens very slowly.

Everything moves very slowly. For them, we are not even turtles, but generally a civilization that lives in a very slow rhythm. UFOs exist, alien civilizations have been on Earth for a long time, they simply live in a different rhythm, inaccessible to our senses, or to our technologies.

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