UFO with aliens landed in Altai

Elo – village in the Onguday district of the Altai Republic of Russia, the administrative center of the Elin rural settlement. Located in the valley of the river Ursul (before merging with Kayelyk, indicated on the maps as Elo), separating the Seminsky and Terektinsky ridge, at the mouth of the Karelyk river.

A local resident reported that he was at night in the cattle-breeding area and suddenly saw a bright object in the sky that slid smoothly onto the ice near the river.

Of the disk-shaped flying device, three beings emerged, not taller than 60 centimeters in appearance, looked like a human, had a head, arms and legs. Being near their aircraft, they discussed something in an incomprehensible language.

The farmer frightened by the seen came back to the farm for help and with several men went to the river, but when they got there the device had already departed.

The next day, at the site of the landing of an unidentified flying object, the men found traces on the ice of the river – a circle 3 meters in diameter, formed from a melted ice object and subsequently frozen, and small three-fingered tracks on the snow.

Returning to the village of Elo, the cattle breeders learned that that night the locals also observed a bright luminous object that flew across the sky in the direction of the cattle-breeding camp.

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