Underwater UFO

1963. Union naval forces of the USA led by aircraft carrier “Wasp” holds regular trainings, this time in the southern corner of the infamous Bermuda triangle, the area of the island of Puerto Rico. Task is usual — search and pursuit of submarines of the conditional opponent.

From the very beginning of the maneuver hydroacoustics detected an unusual underwater target. And then it was discovered a strange thing: reach the submarine was impossible. She walked at a speed of 150 knots — almost 300 kilometers per hour. And it is under the water, where the best modern submarines give no more than one-third of this speed.

But fantastic speed had to be limited. A strange submarine in a matter of minutes managed to dive to 6 kilometers, and to rise again almost to the surface. So deeply could fall only special devices, but on the descent-ascent they take hours, not minutes.

Maybe it’s some large animals that were close with a high-speed submarines? Unlikely. Even the whale could not dive to such depths in minutes and seconds.

As if realizing his superiority, the mysterious object wasn’t even trying to escape and spun around warships for four days. The maneuverability of the underwater Ghost was fantastic, the inertia is almost absent. Bomb it decided not to.

But such an attempt three years before this made the Navy of Argentina. They are within its territorial waters and spotted a huge and unusual submarines. One was lying on the ground, the other described by her community. Anti-submarine ships dropped on trespassers tons of depth charges. However, have only one. Submarines with huge logging has emerged, and with incredible speed began to leave.

Was opened artillery fire. The submarine went under water. Seen on the screens of sonars in underwater acoustics stunned. First, the number of submarines was doubled and then there were six. Chase gave nothing! The mysterious fleet, developing an incredible speed, disappeared in the depths of the Atlantic.

The year 1964. Like the one described objects are found in the Mediterranean sea, and after a year off the coast of Australia and New Zealand. It was the ellipses, similar to the metal structure, length 30 and a width of 15 meters. They saw local fishermen at shallow depths among the rocks. Conventional submarines to get there was impossible. Was struck by another — these objects had no screws, no doors.

Mysterious submarine seen in a variety of places. The witnesses were amazed that their movement did not arise neither whirlpools nor the accompanying jets.

All this could not fail to excite the military. Some people began to see the connection between them and the death of combat submarines. So, for four months in 1968 under mysterious circumstances in the world killed four submarines.

In January of 1968 in the Mediterranean sea Israeli “Dakar” and the French “Minerva”, in March in the Pacific, the Soviet “K-129” in may disappears the pride of the American submarine fleet, the submarine “Scorpion”. And tellingly, in the three cases close to the submarines was fixed mysterious moving objects.

There was something else. During naval exercises in the area of Indonesia submarine, the U.S. found next to an unknown underwater vessel. Error of the commander of the American submarine led to the collision. There was a strong explosion. Both ships sank. With the escorts pulled out a search party. Managed to find and bring up something similar to a piece of sheet covering.

And here there was a strange. Acoustics reported that in the disaster area appeared at least 15 unidentified submarines. They blocked the place of death of submarines not only for other vehicles but for all types of locators, creating something like an impenetrable dome.

A few hours signals from the mysterious object disappeared, and the crash site wasn’t found anything, even the remnants of the victim of the crash of the us submarines.

Analysis of the lifted fragments showed that the composition of their metal scientists do not know, and some of its elements on Earth are not found at all. Any leakage of this information by the Pentagon and the U.S. Congress nipped in the Bud.

1960s. In the midst of the cold war. Confrontation between the US and the USSR in the North Atlantic takes nearly open. In secrecy, the command of NATO in the North Atlantic is preparing a special operation. The task is tough: to stop the penetration of Soviet submarines and aircraft in the territorial waters and airspace of NATO countries.

In the end it came to direct military action. In the fall of 1972, the Norwegian naval forces, together with NATO ships bombed its tourist gem — dvuhsotmetrovy Sognefjord. Four dozen ships and aircraft are trying to “squeeze” underwater intruders to the surface.

Sometimes mysterious objects emerge independently, and observers repeatedly recorded appearing on the surface of a long black body.

Events soon take another turn. Over the mountains of Scandinavia suddenly appear yellow and green unidentified flying objects, and over the fiords sometimes saw helicopters — black and unmarked. At higher speeds they perform incredible maneuvers.

All this with the greatest voltage see not only military, but also hundreds of local residents. Electronic equipment for anti-submarine ships goes down. As a result, unidentified underwater objects unnoticed slip out of bays. After this inglorious scheme, the Norwegian authorities stated that this was probably not the submarines.

In 1980-ies of the messages in the Scandinavian Newspapers resembled military reports. Four months of 1986 unidentified submarines 15 once invaded Swedish territorial waters.

Says the Admiral of the fleet Vladimir Nikolayevich Chernavin, 1981 — chief of staff of the Navy, in 1985 -1992 years — the chief of the Navy:

“They did the following. Discover an unknown submarine in the Gulf, block this Bay networks, lay mines, even bombs or shoot missiles.

Mines someone exploding, missiles of result did not give. The its latest torpedo is also allowed to destroy the underwater target. The torpedo missed and sank. There was organized a complex operation to find and return the top-secret torpedo.

Brewing a serious international conflict. Result of this excitement was the presentation of the public records any sounds similar to the noises of the submarine. Then there was the campaign to prove that these noises have nothing to do with submarines.

America, like Argentina, in the end, I realized that the above-described underwater incidents Russia has no relation, and even officially stated this. The fact that her intelligence has repeatedly reported about seemingly impossible things.

For example, the fact that these objects combined in himself qualities of the aircraft and the submarine. Many times they flew out of the water literally under the noses of the anti-submarine cruisers and at supersonic speeds was carried away into the sky.

However, the Western press continues to play the Soviet card, persistently thinking about underwater “hand of Moscow”.

In 1981, the submarine of the Baltic fleet of C-137 because of the failure of the radio direction finder was off course and ran aground off the coast of Sweden. The authorities and the press talked about the fact that this submarine can not accidentally there. We then argued that she came there by accident.

After this incident, the Soviet submarines were forbidden to approach other territorial waters closer than 50 miles away. They strictly carried out the order. And underwater ghosts continued to annoy the Scandinavians.

They believe that this Russia — cold, unshaven, hairy, wants to swallow this well-groomed, well-fed, little Sweden. The press publishes pictures of strange footprints found at the bottom off the coast of Sweden. I assume that they leave some Soviet midget submarines-tanks that run on tracks.

And in the end they got me, these journalists, their claims that we are in a hurry and running around the bottom, and even penetrate into any trunk with a diameter of about five feet, leading to some sort of specific toilet.

All attempts of the Soviet seamen to prove their innocence to the events ran into a wall of misunderstanding and suspicion. The press continued their line: it is Russian, and no one else. And here are gathered the I journalists, answering their questions, and at the end say:

“I, as commander in chief of the Navy of the USSR, appeal to you and through you to your governments, so you caught our submarine, destroyed it there and I will tell you thank you for what you did and showed us some remnants of our submarine, and I have gratitude for what you’ve destroyed us” “.

After the Soviet collapse, Sweden expressed confidence that the new Soviet leaders will remove the secrecy from the appropriate file. However, no information about any such operations of Soviet submarines in the dossier was not. Russia reiterated that she is in the territorial waters of the Scandinavian countries interests there. At the same time Boris Yeltsin has hinted that blame someone else. But who?

In 1995, the Swedish Parliament created a special Commission with the task to deal with underwater phantoms. And it turned out that the statistics in this case extensive — documented about 2,000 cases!

According to the Swedes, the strangeness of the manifestations and higher maneuverability of unknown objects exclude their belonging to the conventional submarine fleet, and the reasons must be sought in a different origin of these objects.

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