Unexpected invasion of caterpillars in Moscow

Caterpillars fall on the streets of Moscow from the trees with clusters. One of the most severely affected by the larva is the metropolitan area – Golyanovo.

Residents of Golyanov place in social networks pictures of tight cobwebs of trees and lawns. Caterpillars swarmed on benches, horizontal bars and children’s playgrounds, hanging from branches in armfuls.

A similar situation has developed in the Moscow region Lyubertsy. Residents of the city are indignant in social networks – caterpillars are falling by the collar and frighten children. White shrouds on the trees catch up with fear and cause concern for the fate of trees.

Experts confirm: the unprecedented invasion of caterpillars is a bad sign. Not only plants that are eaten by voracious larvae are subject to dangers, it is a question of reducing biological diversity in Moscow and Mosoblasti. In the capital and the suburbs, there are almost no natural enemies of caterpillars, those fauna representatives who must control their numbers. Thus, sparrows almost completely disappeared, which are fed with pleasure by the larvae.

Caterpillars of ermine or bird-cherry moths are absolutely harmless for humans, but have a detrimental effect on trees. Eating leaves, larvae interfere with the process of photosynthesis, without which plants will die.

Extremely warm in May 2018 led to the appearance of a phenomenal number of caterpillars. Bird cherry trees did not have enough for all, and so the larvae spread to other trees.

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