Unexplained “solar phenomenon” observed in 1998 in the Azores, Portugal

On July 8, 1998, hundreds of locals, pilgrims and tourists witnessed a “miracle” of the sun. which was observed in the area around the location of the Monastery of Monte Santo, the Monastery of Nosa Senhora de Lourdes and the Plaza Nosa Senhora do Pranto – the Way of the Cross.

The event was widely reported in the Portuguese press and TV, but for some reason the rest of the world’s media ignored it. Perhaps because this event was overshadowed by the catastrophe that occurred literally the next day, July 9, 1998.

Then, a powerful earthquake shook the Azores at 05:19 local time. The tremor, which had a magnitude of 6.2, caused considerable damage to the islands of Faial and Corvo. At least 10 people died and about 100 were injured in the quake, and 2,500 people were left homeless.

Approximately 35% of all buildings on Fayal Island were damaged or destroyed by the quake, while only 10% of buildings on neighboring Pico Island were affected, bringing the total number of buildings affected to 3,909. More than 2,100 buildings up to 30 km from the epicenter suffered severe structural damage.

The earthquake severely damaged many churches built mostly of brick. Only three churches built recently were of reinforced concrete. The Ribeirinha Church was one of the most damaged churches, where the arch between the nave and the apse completely collapsed.

So it turns out that the “Miracle of the Sun” turned out to be a warning that no one understood and that no one could prevent? Or was this “solar miracle” the cause of the cataclysm that followed it?

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