Unexplained sounds scare the inhabitants of Pennsylvania

The state of Pennsylvania is located in the northeast of the USA and for two months now local residents have heard at night very loud sounds similar to the sound of an explosion, but more rolling and deaf, emanating as many people seem from under the earth.

From the local population to the police and rescue services receive thousands of calls with reports of strange sounds, but despite all the efforts of local authorities to identify the source of the anomaly did not succeed.

Mysterious explosions wake people at night in different parts of the state, for example, on May 13, at 4 am in the area of ​​Upper Black Eddie, in the district of Bucks, there was a loud and powerful explosion sound that according to people who were at that time on the street, everything around it was quiet and stopped even chirping crickets and the frogs died down, and local resident Nick Zangli said that a wave of explosion from which even the trees rocked exploded in the neighborhood.

In the morning one of the city dwellers accidentally found a large crater very close to one of the country roads. The diameter of the funnel was about three meters and more than a meter deep, which was underground at the bottom of the crater no one ventured to look at.

It is not known whether this funnel is related to mysterious explosions or not, but since April in Pennsylvania officially recorded more than 30 similar cases of strange and unexplained sounds like explosions.

It is interesting that all these inexplicable sounds occur in one time interval from 1 to 5 am. The police say that an investigation is under way. Geologists insist that what is happening is not related to the motion of tectonic plates, the authorities insist that no tunnels are digging, that they do not blow up quarries and in general these sounds are not related to construction works, but what happens then?

It has already reached the point that the investigation into the causes of strange events in the state of Pennsylvania attracted FBI staff, but so far no results.

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