Unknown wolf-like creature shot in Montana

Is it a wolf? New hybrid dog species? This mysterious creature, shot in Montana (Denton, USA), puzzled even experts in the wild.

The animal was killed on a ranch at Denton on May 16, but it looks like it came out of the ice age. He looks like a wolf, with the exception of some features. It has a long grayish fur, a large head and a snout; but his ears were too big, his legs and body were too short, and his coat was uncharacteristic for anything that was characteristic of a wolf.

“We have no idea that this is until we get a DNA report and the animal was sent to our laboratory in Bozeman,” said Bruce Auchli, information manager for Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks.

“The animal was several hundred yards from the cattle on the ranch. The farmer shot him and reported it in accordance with the requirements of the law, “- said in a statement Montana FWP.

“The animal was a young, not nursing bitch, not known affiliation”

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