Children survive in Colombian jungle after plane crash

Four children found alive in Colombia two weeks after plane crash in dense jungle Seven people, including the pilot, were on board the Cessna 206 when it crashed in the Colombian province. Three adults were found dead and four children were missing. But thanks to search dogs, helicopters, and targeting the leftover fruit the children ate to survive, they were found alive.

According to Colombian President Gustavo Petro:

“After an intense search carried out by our armed forces, we have found alive four children missing after the plane crash in Guaviar. Joy for the country.

The children were aged 13 years, nine years, four years and 11 months. They are all brothers and sisters who flew with their mother on board. This amazing jungle survival raises questions about how the children could survive without food and water for two weeks.

Experts say this may be because the children were able to find water and food in the jungle.

“Children have an amazing ability to adapt to extreme environments like jungle survival,” says a psychology professor at the University of London.

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